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Global Marine Business Advisors enhance their website presence, providing worldwide advisory services for the leisure marine industry.

24 August 2020


Global Marine Business Advisors (GMBA), a group of accomplished marine industry professionals, has officially launched their new website.

The new website gmba.blue is a one-stop-shop for businesses looking for advice within the marine sector. The website provides a clear understanding of the geographical scope, the industry sectors and the broad range of services that can be accessed from GMBA consultants.

Thom Dammrich, a key member of GMBA based in the USA, stated: “Everyone needs help with something sometime. Often, we don’t know where to look for that help.

“The GMBA website is your entry to a world of helpful resources, industry professionals with experience and expertise in a wide range of areas, and an unparalleled network of contacts.

“If we can’t help you, chances are we know someone who can. A world of expertise is at your fingertips.”

All those involved in GMBA have worked together at various times in their careers and each has access to a global network of contacts and knowledge.


GMBA consultant and spokesperson Jouko Huju talked about the impetus for the new website: “A number of queries I received related to the scope of services and the geographical spread of our consultants. The original website was simply a holding pattern while we defined our services and the global locations of our team.

“The fact that we as consultants are all closely connected and work together is certainly appearing to be a big plus. I hope the new website will provide the information many businesses are asking us for.”

Veda Pretorius, the GMBA consultant based in South Africa and a key driver of the website, commented: “In the digitally connected world we all live and work in, it is crucial to have an on online presence. Our new website helps prospective clients learn more about our service offerings, and very importantly, for our team to share their insights and thoughts on developments and opportunities within the marine sector.”

YP Loke, GMBA consultant based in Asia, reiterated the focus of the new website: “The new website advises who we are, what our expertise is, and how we can help businesses. The site also includes several key articles written by our consultants and, over time, we will also house a library of documents that provide valuable insights into various aspects of our industry.

“The website is for those looking for a solution and those looking for information. We will continue to enhance the website by providing information and services we believe the industry is looking for.”

Australia-based GMBA consultant MaryAnne Edwards said, “Our focus has always been to provide a professional, cost-effective, timely service for businesses that wish to grow and develop a sustainable, profitable business either domestically, globally, or both.”

“It is critical these days to have a website that details the services you provide and how they can be accessed. We must make accessing our consultants and our services easy for businesses,” she said.

Often, as a new business, it is hard to know where to go for support and industry advice. A good starting point is always an industry body, but if you need further specific support targeted to your business, GMBA has advisors that can help.

The advisors have significant networks and expertise at their fingertips. This means that a project can start domestically and then scale up to enter export markets if that is what is required. It also means these projects can be undertaken cost-effectively.

Governments who are looking to commission independent reports on the industry have also contacted GMBA.



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