Stable ground

Gineico will host the Australian launch of the first of the new Quick MC2 X-Series at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

18 April 2018


At the 2018 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, premium marine accessory specialist, Gineico will host the Australian launch of the first of the new Quick MC2 X-Series anti-roll gyro stabilisers, which promise to revolutionise the gyro concept.

Offering market leading stability and better performance in a more compact, simpler, less noisy and easier to maintain machine, Quick MC2X stabilisers replace the traditional horizontal spinning mass and more complex water-cooled management system, with a patented more efficient vertically spinning mass and simpler air-cooled system.

The vertically spinning mass central to the Quick MC2 X-Series stabilisers boasts simple, off-the-shelf bearings on either side that share the load. This design means the weight is evenly shared which means less friction and therefore a machine that reaches operating speeds faster and uses less power/energy. This design means no need for hydraulic rams to allow the bow to rise and fall, no cooling pumps, no sacrificial anodes, no custom patented bearings. A less complicated system that means far less maintenance.


The patented design is also approximately 30% smaller compared to other brands of gyro stabilizers on the market. That means these incredibly small, simple and efficient gyros are much easier to install in new designs or builds and just as easy to retrofit to existing vessels.

Suitable for vessels up to 250 tons the new MC2 X-Series stabilizers can be managed using the new remote touch panel with graphic display (multi-station compatible) available in sizes 4” and 5”.

The newly released MC2 Mobile App (available for both Android and IOS devices) records the performance of the stabilizers during sea trials so you can track your results.

With several machines currently being installed in Australia and over 40 machines sold by Quick Italy on the global market in February 2018 alone, this new product launch is a must see for anyone considering a gyro.


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