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SpaceCat, a new series of 35-metre power catamaran yachts, was unveiled by SilverYachts at the 2019 Singapore Yacht Show.

18 April 2019


SilverYachts, the Australian builders of aluminium superyachts, and renowned yacht designer and naval architect Espen Øino aim to take a positive step in the reduction of the environmental impact of yachting with the introduction of the SpaceCat series.

During a press conference held at the 2019 Singapore Yacht Show, SilverYachts and Espen Øino presented the SpaceCat to a group of selected guests, where the brand new SpaceCat yacht scale model was unveiled.

the SpaceCat is a 35-metre power catamaran with even higher length to beam ratio hulls than the well-known Silver Series of monohull yachts, further reducing resistance and therefore the power requirements, whilst providing a generous platform with unparalleled possibilities for highly-versatile layouts normally found only on much larger yachts.

With its 35.5-metre length and 13.3-metre beam, the SpaceCat offers generous volumes; the external living area boasts over 575 square-metres of space, while the interior areas are over 300 square-metres. The volume of the SpaceCat can be compared with a 50-metre monohull and is developed with a large yacht feeling from the roomy spaces.


Construction of the first SpaceCat will commence in May 2019 at SilverYachts’ new shipyard in China.

SilverYachts is a market leader in designing and producing environmentally friendly superyachts through their light weight low resistance hull forms.

“This is achieved by the high length to beam ratio of the hulls which is fundamental in reducing the wave resistance at higher speeds.

The overall resistance of a displacement type hull form, whether full displacement or semi displacement type, is composed of frictional resistance and wavemaking resistance.” says Espen Øino.

“At higher speed the wavemaking resistance is the dominant part of the overall resistance and significant reductions can be made in the power required to propel a given hull at a certain speed by distributing the hull volumes longitudinally rather than vertically which normally leads to an increase in beam to satisfy the transverse stability requirements and thus a reduction in the length to beam ratio.”

SpaceCat marks the beginning of the diversification of the SilverYachts product portfolio, which comes hand in hand with the establishment of an additional shipyard in China. By introducing SpaceCat to its fleet, SilverYachts is showcasing its capacity to not only build large superyachts for experienced yacht owners, but also cater to clients that are entering the superyacht experience for the first time.


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