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American designer reveals a concept project for a 135 metre superyacht.

26 April 2019


Kurt Strand, the Southern California yacht designer, has presented his latest project, a 135 metre superyacht dubbed California.

The design features large glass walls, glass balconies, folding glass doors and retractable sections to open up the living areas. Three pools with waterfalls are on the lower decks in the aft. One of these pools is even equipped with a surf riding machine so the owner can enjoy the California lifestyle whereever the yacht is located.

The yachts masculine bow starts with a Gladiator helmet inspirited style that flows into feminine shaped lines. In the fore deck is a spa pool framing impeccable views. Behind the spa pool is the landing pad for the helicopter. The helicopter can be stored under the helipad and everything is operated via a automatic elevator system. A huge outdoor lounge area is located behind the landing pad.

The yacht is designed with a hybrid electric propulsion system, powered by high efficient diesel turbine generators. It can run on a reduced cruising speed of 11 knots for 5 hours on the battery power. Power comes from a 60-tonne lithium-ion battery bank capable to of hold two million watts of electricity. 3 Azipods propels the yacht up to 20 knots. The yacht has an advanced water cleaning system.


An automatic angled solar panel system assist the power supply in the harbour. All the yacht tenders and toys are fully electric powered .

The Zen inspirited interior of the California yacht is designed for the ultimate relaxed lifestyle, with reclaimed wood , natural stone, inside wall waterfalls and large aquariums.

It includes a club style lounge area with bar, night club, game rooms and a gym with a turkish bath, massage studio and wellness spa.

As well a 24 seat movie theatre, a bowling alley and a showroom for a classic car collection. Another attraction would be the Koi ponds in the lobby / lounge area , all connected via tunnels.

Renderings of the interior have yet to been revealed.


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