Singapore spin

Jimmy Rees is appointed tourism ambassador for Singapore.

17 March 2024


In a revealing dispatch from the heart of Southeast Asia, Australian humourist Jimmy Rees sheds light on the myriad wonders of Singapore, extending beyond the mere confines of its world-renowned Changi Airport.

Embarking on this urban odyssey as the newly minted envoy for the Singapore Tourism Board Oceania’s Find Yourself in Singapore campaign, Rees’s initial foray into the city-state is as enlightening as it is entertaining. With the zeal of a first-time visitor but the acuity of a seasoned observer, he declares, “The first rule for Aussies: venture beyond Changi!”

His narrative deftly captures Singapore’s essence, a veritable cornucopia of experiences catering to an eclectic array of interests.

With a storyteller’s flair, Rees extols the virtues of local gastronomy, urging travellers to dive into the culinary depths of Singapore’s rich heritage. It’s not merely about eating; it’s an act of cultural immersion, a way to savour the history enshrined in the nation’s beloved dishes.


Rees’s adventures, framed by the STB Oceania campaign’s inventive lure of hidden 3D-printed miniatures, offer more than just a scavenger hunt. They serve as a metaphor for the discovery that awaits the intrepid explorer in Singapore’s multifaceted urban landscape.

From the iconic, Instagram-ready Merlion to the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in the cultural enclaves of Chinatown, Rees sketches a Singapore that beckons with both its storied past and its dynamic present.

Lau Pa Sat, with its fusion of local and international flavours, epitomises this balance, standing as a culinary beacon for both the gourmet and the casually curious. Meanwhile, the city’s family-friendly attractions, from the biodiversity of Bird Paradise to the myriad pleasures of Sentosa Island, underscore Singapore’s appeal as a destination of universal allure.

Ease of navigation emerges as a final, compelling argument in Rees’s travelogue, and Singapore’s compactness, coupled with its efficient MRT system, ensures the wealth of experiences it offers is never out of reach. For

Australians contemplating a short getaway or a substantial sojourn, Rees’s account positions Singapore as an accessible, yet endlessly captivating destination.



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