Show shift to Genoa

The MYBA Board has decided to relocate the Charter Show from Barcelona to Genoa.

22 June 2023


After five years in Barcelona, the 34th MYBA Charter Show will move to a new venue, Marina Molo Vecchio in Genoa for the 2024 edition in a one-year deal, pending a formal decision on a new venue. In a statement, the MYBA Board announced the change and thanked the Marina Port Vell team for hosting the event.

“They truly embraced the show and we’d like to thank them for their professionalism and support of our business and vision. We will not forget our time in Barcelona, a vibrant and enchanting city studded with architectural gems and a foodie’s heaven, and we will certainly not forget Marina Port Vell, a venue with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of people who are passionate and dedicated.

“The show made many organisational steps forward during its time in Spain and we are grateful for the warm hospitality extended to us and the entirety of show attendees. We’d like to wish the team at Marina Port Vell every success in their future ventures, which include the 37th America’s Cup, and we will be taking with us the best of memories.”


Raphael Sauleau, MYBA Vice President and AYSAS Chairman, expressed the association’s appreciation saying, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at Marina Port Vell Barcelona for their dedication and efforts in hosting the MYBA Charter Show over the past years.

“Under Ignacio Erroz’s leadership, the team’s passion, professionalism and commitment to excellence, have made the show’s unique experiences irrespective of the post-pandemic challenges. I’d also like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for their hospitality, or hospitalidad, and for going the extra mile to make everyone feel welcome. Muchas gracias, Marina Port Vell.”

In response Ignacio Erroz, CEO of Marina Port Vell Barcelona, returned the praise and said, “The success achieved during the years that the Show was held in Barcelona reinforced our city’s position as one of the main destinations for superyachts, opening a wide range of opportunities for the industry, boosting the local economy and providing added value to Barcelona.

“At the same time, Marina Port Vell demonstrated that it is a leading marina in the Mediterranean with an incredible capacity to welcome major events in its premises. From Marina Port Vell, we wish the Show the best of success in its future endeavours.”

MYBA is now working closely with both Marina Port Vell and Marina Molo Vecchio to facilitate an orderly transition process for all involved and one that will create minimal disruption.

“We would like to clarify that this move is of a temporary nature, with a one-year agreement in place, until firm and final decisions for the future of the Show can be made. The dates of the 2024 Show will be announced in the near future.”



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