Seeing double

Dominator bring their latest superyacht offerings to Cannes and Monaco.

13 September 2018


Dominator Yachts has shown off thee latest Ilumen superyachts at Cannes Yachting Show, Zalanka and Cadet V, with plans to showcase them at Monaco Yacht Show at the end of the month.

“An Ilumen is not off the rack, but made-to-measure and the product of our on-going commitment to technological research and development,” says Angela Pernsteiner, CEO of Dominator Ilumen.

“We collaborate with the best experts in their fields to ensure we are at the cutting edge of engineering and design, so that we can offer yachts that are powerful, thrilling, beautiful and safe beyond what has previously been seen in this segment of the market.”

Zalanka is designed and finished to the detailed preferences of the owner, who wanted a cosy, comfortable ambience but also as much natural light as possible. Luca Catino, the chief interior designer, and decorator Giulia Sigismondi worked closely with the owner.


Zalanka combines the stability of a large ship with the manoeuvrability of a small powerboat, and it has been set up to offer optimised static and dynamic behaviour at sea, with a maximum inclination of only 2.7 degrees. Propulsion comes from 2 Reintjes Fortjes POD units, each with 2 propellers, which endows the yacht with fuel efficiency while cruising and exhilarating agility at high speed.

the Ilumen Cadet V is a very different yacht built from the same Ilumen 28M concept.  Cadet V features a full beam Master Cabin and two VIP Cabins on the Lower Deck while Zalanka has a four cabin Lower Deck that includes a modern office space. The Owner Cabin of Cadet V was extended by one metre and offers a truly wide private area while Zalanka features a day toilet on the Main Deck Lobby.

A lot of consideration went into the selection of fine woods used to dress Cadet V, with tonalities of grey and blue oak, and blue palisander created especially for the client.

The 2 V drive shaftline and the stern section of the hull have been designed to provide the twin propellers with the best wake in order to maximise efficiency and reduce fuel consumption across the speed range. The hull shape, together with the twisted rudders, allows the yacht to manoeuvre easily and without inertia delay even at very low speeds. 


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