SailGP Tech launch

Delivering leading-edge applied innovations from sea to space, SailGP Technologies launches in New Zealand.

02 June 2022


With a DNA in high-speed racing, SailGP Technologies has officially launched. With award-winning capabilities in design, manufacturing, engineering, software and systems, SailGP Technologies will lead the way in high-performance, sustainable design and applied technologies.

With the main facility based in Warkworth, New Zealand, SailGP Technologies is rooted in decades of experience at the forefront of cutting-edge sail racing. The company has most recently developed the high performance F50 catamarans that power the world’s fastest growing, purpose-led global racing league – SailGP.

The continual development of design tools, techniques and methods to revolutionise the race at sea will now be applied to similar engineering challenges across water, land and space.

“With over two decades of experience at the forefront of design and technical innovation, now is the right time to launch SailGP Technologies,” said SailGP Technologies CEO, Sir Russell Coutts.


“We will not only apply this expertise to other sectors, but also use it to help create a higher-performing, greener and better future.”


With some of the most renowned experts in design, technology and engineering, SailGP Technologies capabilities will be centred around six key pillars.

    1. Design – having delivered high-performance design solutions for over two decades, SailGP Technologies refine high-tech composite and use advanced computational fluid dynamics and simulation tools to solve complex problems, deliver innovative design solutions and improve performance.
    2. Manufacturing – proven world leaders in manufacturing advanced composite components and developing cutting-edge tooling solutions for composites while pushing the boundaries of performance.
    3. LiveLineFX – provide an Emmy award-winning, patented, broadcast graphics solution to enhance any sports broadcast or CCTV product by providing key storytelling graphical elements, enabling the sport to be understood and accessible to all fans regardless of technical knowledge.
    4. Control systems –offer an end-to-end solution, from electrical design and manufacturing services and embedded software development to cloud-based performance analysis solutions.
    5. Data and software  – provide technology that elevates performance by offering custom software solutions and AI – from performance analysis and race and umpiring operations to improving product performance, preventing failures and enhancing personal safety in real-time.
    6. Tech team – multidisciplinary technicians that can provide onsite and remote deployment for all services, aiding the seamless integration of new technologies and solutions into operations.

The new company already has several exciting commercial projects under way across a range of sectors, including aerospace, with further announcements to follow in the coming months.



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