Remarkable RIB

Zodiac Nautic has unveiled its latest model, the smallest in its Medline range.

28 October 2022


The latest Zodiac RIB to join the brand is the Medline 5.8, positioned as a versatile vessel for time on the water with friends, picnicking and a practical tender.

“With this new boat, we worked over a year to create the most ergonomic deck possible,” explains Théo Debeunne, product manager of Zodiac Nautic.

“It’s one of the real assets of the boat, no lost space unlike its ancestor the Medline 580.”

“What matters the most for us, is to offer our customers a boat that’s easy to use with an elegant design for a reasonable price,” adds Fanny Revert, Head of Marketing at Zodiac Nautic.

“It may sound basic but it’s a true challenge to combine all three. Since we started with the relaunch of the line in 2019, we multiplied our sales sevenfold. We wanted to capitalise on this success and propose a size between 5 and 6 metres, which is the core market for us.”


The Medline 5.8 has everything an owner could ask for, not only for its amazing design but for all the features this model comprises.

Features include a double sundeck, a secure console for protection, up to eight seats, a unique two-material upholstery by Serge Ferrari, water access platforms and a removable tube that can be easily replaced.

Customers can also choose from a large range of options to customise their boat to suit their needs.

The maximum power is 150 CV, which its designers state is perfect for the ultimate on-water experience.



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