Record raft-up

A record raft-up in New Zealand has launched a year of global celebrations for luxury motor yacht builder Riviera’s 40th anniversary.

26 February 2020


R Marine Flagship of Auckland in partnership with luxury motor yacht builder Riviera, has organised a spectacular event which is the first in a series of global celebrations marking Riviera’s 40th anniversary.

A record flotilla of 106 Riviera luxury motor yachts, ranging in size from 33 to 72 feet, were rafted together at Awaawaroa Bay on the southern side of Waiheke Island to create a massive circle measuring 234-metre in diameter.

The mega raft-up exceeds the previous Riviera raft-up record of 48 luxury motor yachts set in Perth in 2017.

Over 600 Riviera enthusiasts were treated to a memorable day and evening on the water with a host of local stars performing on a purpose-built floating stage in the centre of the circle.


Dean Horgan the Managing Director of New Zealand’s Rivera representative, R Marine Flagship, said the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Riviera, along with the sense of rivalry to surpass an Australian raft-up record, motivated so many New Zealand Riviera owners to come from afar.

“The largest Riviera raft-up to date was held in Perth in 2017 with 48 Riviera yachts. So, our New Zealand owners have really wanted to take the title from our Australian friends. People travelled from as far south as  Gisborne and Whangaroa in the north to take part,” Horgan said.

A team of 30 from R Marine Flagship and Riviera were on hand to help the boats safely raft together, which included three Riviera 72 Sports Motor Yachts and a 63 Enclosed Flybridge dropping their anchors at each of the four points of the compass.

“Fun for the whole family was the theme for the weekend, and it was a fantastic opportunity to reunite the New Zealand Riviera Family of motor yacht owners.

“Over the years, these motor yachts travel far and wide and it’s wonderful to have everyone together to share this incredibly unique experience.”

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst said the record-breaking raft-up showcased the popularity of the Rivera brand and the great friendships within the Riviera Family.

“It’s been my dream to build a world-class company that builds world-class boats,” Mr Longhurst said. “But for it all to come together, we have to have world-class distribution and world-class customers who can come together and put on an impressive spectacle like this. This is a bucket list moment for me.”

Riviera has a particularly strong following in New Zealand with more than 600 motor yachts now cruising in local waters since the arrival of the first Riviera in 1984.

“Riviera is a trusted brand in New Zealand and is the luxury motor yacht of choice. In a country of such experienced boaters, I am proud that the New Zealanders respect and value Riviera’s craftsmanship, quality, style, innovation and especially our blue water performance.

The New Zealand raft-up marks the first in a series of galas planned globally by Riviera and its representatives to celebrate its milestone 40th anniversary in 2020.


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