Rebuild together

Since Cyclone Debbie, the Australian marine industry has united to support communities on their journey to rebuild.

05 April 2017


One week on from Cyclone Debbie hitting the coastline of North Queensland and the Australian Marine Industry has banded together in a show of support to the communities that were devastated as they begin the process of rebuilding.

“Superyacht Australia has been liaising with those businesses affected by this cyclone and ensuring they get the support they need,” said MarryAnne Edwards, CEO of Superyacht Australia. She continued by highlighting how reassuring it was to see “the proactive stance insurance companies are taking to get these businesses up and running as soon as possible.”

However, the next priority after the repairs are underway is to communicate an international message that says the region is safe and open for business.

“Our focus is in ensuring our customers are free to explore the beautiful Whitsundays this season,” says General Manager of Abell Point Marina, Luke McCaul. “We are determined to have our first class services and facilities ready for your arrival. The resilience and spirit of the boating and Whitsunday community has been incredible.”



That said, the repairs are proceeding swiftly. General Manager of Hamilton Island marina, James Burrell, says “our marina has a few repairs required, but largely the marina is in good shape and its business as normal”.

The Queensland Government has opened the Community Recovery Grants Portal to provide immediate support to people affected in the Mackay, Whitsundays and Isaac Regional Council Areas, and there has been a similar burst of activity from the private sector. Pantaenius Sail & Motor Yacht Insurance, an industry leader in superyacht insurance, has prioritised their clients throughout the devestation, prioritising the needs of the community to expedite the return to normalcy.

“It was hard to get up to Queensland but the thirty hour journey was nothing compared to what some of our clients experienced,” says General Manager of Pantaenius Australia, James MacPhail. “So far we have inspected all Marinas and are determined to help our customers with their claims and to get them back on track so they can provide their services to locals and visitors from all around the world.”

The repairs are expected to continue over the coming months as families return to their homes but the message from the marine industry is clear: Queensland is open for business.

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