Radical cat

The Italian Sea Group will host the launch of This Is It, the new motor catamaran of the Tecnomar fleet at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show.

21 September 2023


At 43.5 metres in length and 14.5 metres wide, with approximately 750 gt, This Is It is the latest launch from Tecnomar, part of The Italian Sea Group, and will make her public debut at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, 27 to 30 September.

This Is It represents an exciting new presence on the catamaran landscape, defying conventional thinking with its unique and innovative design. Tradition and innovation come together to create a concept of radical lifestyle and elegance, defined by a layout with striking asymmetries and a bold, eye-catching silhouette enveloped by more than 600 square metres of impressive glass windows.

The inspiration is technological, clearly far from typical yachting design and definitely closer to civilian architecture. The exterior lines, sinuous and soft, evoke fantastic sea creatures, challenging our perception of what is truly possible.

This is a project that goes beyond the status quo, establishing a new benchmark for being an iconic project. This Is It was a significant challenge for the TISG design team, starting with weight control, a factor of utmost importance considering the extensive amount of glass used.


The complex curved shape of the aluminium superstructure pushed the performance of this precious material to its limits. The hull lines are optimised to enhance hydrodynamic efficiency, leading to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and, therefore, emissions.

In compliance with IMO Tier III requirements, the yacht is equipped with innovative exhaust gas treatment technology (SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction) to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

The interior design, with its six cabins, a massage room, and a galley with polarised glass for events and show cooking, mirrors the futuristic vision of the exteriors, is enriched with refined details and sophisticated materials.

The spacious owner’s area, in addition to a large skylight with an extraordinary height of 3.3 metres and a superb panoramic terrace, features a special vertical garden spanning two decks, giving the feeling of being in a seaside villa.

Leather and Alcantara, oak and teak, dialogue with the sinuous shapes, marked by bold geometric cuts and grey marble inserts. The dominant mood is dynamic, in motion, enveloping and sporty, yet the colour palette is also elegant and refined, in which light tones of beige and platinum grey prevail.

The precious accent is provided by the combined use of noble metals such as gold, bronze, titanium and carbon in contrast to the calmness of the natural wood tones and leather finishes.

“The realisation of this extraordinary project challenges the conventional perceptions, driving us to completely recreate the boundaries of aesthetic parameters,” said Giovanni Costantino, Founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group.

This Is It is born as the perfect blend between the desires of a forward-thinking owner and a brand like Tecnomar, capable of taking on such an ambitious and demanding challenge. We will present this iconic yacht for the world premiere at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show.”

Innovative design, speed and sportiness, characteristic elements of Tecnomar motor yachts, make This Is It a unique and exceptional catamaran.



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