Pep up your propulsion

The dynamic, portable and compact Bixpy Jet offers divers and watersports fantatics a new form of propulsion.

Photography by Bixpy

29 April 2017


Currently in Kickstarter mode, the Bixpy jet was conceived as a top little underwater jet  which can be used to propel kayaks and SUPs.

Lightweight at just 1kg, yet powerful, it has 10 forward speeds and three reverse speeds, with a selection of adaptors to fit most equipment.

The Bixpy boasts a battery of 240 minutes and would be ideal for divers, swimmers and all watersports fanatics, particularly aboard charter superyachts where maximizing your time on-water is what it’s all about.

Positioned as “the world’s first and only portable, handheld water propulsion device”, the Bixpy Jet pledges to “make many adventures accessible to new users and give experienced users a way to explore new places, a safe way to get home when you need to get home and a way to do things you never imagined possible”.


The Bixpy Jet uses impellers instead of propellers, so you can safely use them around kids and pets. In addition, the motors have multiple auto shut off mechanisms that will prevent them from accidental starts, over-heating and running loose.

The Bixpy Jet is also uses clean electric energy with zero emissions and no pollutants going into our waterways. The motors are 100 percent sealed and run on rechargeable lithium batteries.  So you can use them in sensitive waterways without worrying about polluting the water.

And best of all, since the Bixpy Jet is a direct drive motor, it’s whisper quiet.

Custom-built to withstand the harshest conditions, all the components and connectors that are submersed are IP68 rated and even the parts that are exposed to mere splashing are rated to at least IP67.

The product of more than a year of R&D and intensive testing, the Bixpy Jet generates enough thrust to drive a 108kg kayak with two adults against ocean tides and wind.

Available for pre-order now, the Bixpy Jet is priced from US$725.



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