Operation Beagle

YachtAid Global and three superyachts bring clean water access to 8,000 school children across the Galapagos Islands.

17 December 2018


A recent operation by YachtAid Global alongside three superyachts, saw clean water access implemented across every school in the Galapagos.

Operation Beagle, which was carried out in October and November, aimed to remedy water quality issues with integrated water storage tanks and filtration solutions, as well as deliver a reusable metal water bottle to every school child in the Galapagos to assist in reducing single use plastic.

“We teamed up with DragonFly, Nomadess and ArcticP to bring clean water access, reusable metal water bottles, and needs-based school supplies to Galapagos schools. Local agents Sea Masters Galapagos Yacht Agency, environmental education providers Mingas por el Mar, and local airline Tame Línea Aérea del Ecuador threw their expertise behind us to help reach every school child in the Galapagos,” says YachtAid Global director operations and strategy, Zoran Selakovic.

“Tame Línea Aérea del Ecuador provided cargo space to transport more than 8,000 re-usable metal water bottles, donated for this project, to the Galapagos, while the experts at Mingas por el Mar were by our side during the operation to educate children on the importance of conservation.”


With the new integrated water storage and filtration solution in place, all 8,000 school children at 27 schools across four islands now have a reliable supply of fresh drinking water.

With the first project complete, YachtAid Global has now turned its attention to providing the new incoming generation of students with reusable water bottles and extending clean water access to entire remote communities across Galapagos to improve the health of local populations.

The San Diego-based organisation is now actively seeking funding as well as yachts and partners, to continue this work.



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