On the move

Princess Yachts NSW has moved to a new Sydney head office and is planning to introduce new models.

28 January 2021


With Princess Yachts reporting a full global order book in 2021, Princess Yachts NSW has established a new Sydney HQ in Double Bay.

Co-directors Sean O’Doherty and David Jensen have worked with the Princess brand for eight years and have strong bonds with the UK factory, as well as a loyal coterie of Princess owners.

The allure of the British brand, according to Sean, is “its enduring tradition and continuity over half a century, and its commitment to evolution.”

“Princess is renowned for its superior build quality and commitment to heritage. The company is extremely service orientated, and for us and our clients, that means accessibility of parts, communication and customisation.”

The Princess range is distinguished by “continuing its proud heritage in the line of the hull, and moving forward structurally to offer greater performance, increased internal volume and all-round practicality, seen in features such as the full-beam midship master cabin, raised galley aft and expansive foredeck seating areas.”


Sean continues, “The Princess X class – X 80 and X 95 – represent an enormous step forward for the brand. Nothing in their categories competes. The X95 has the volume of a 120-footer and technology is at the forefront, which places them well ahead of other production vessels.”

For the past two years, Greg Haines has been the national distributor for Princess Yachts Australia.

“Greg has focused on raising the bar in terms of customer service, support and owner experience,” explains Sean. “The Princess product is exceptional. We are now focusing on the culture and providing first-class service to our owners.”

Figures released in January 2021 show the Princess order book is full until the end of 2022 at a value of GBP600 million.

“COVID restrictions were a challenge in 2020 but we managed to host the Princess owners’ rendezvous at Hayman Island in September,” says Sean.

“This year, we’re aiming to further grow the new build part of the business. We have three in the pipeline that we’re excited about. We’re also planning a rendezvous in Sydney Harbour and Pittwater sometime this year.

“We’re focused on supporting existing clients and working closely with Greg on owner events, including bringing clients to Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May. At this stage, we’re hoping to have an F70 2020 model and a new V60 in time for the show.”

In the first quarter of 2021, Princess Yachts Australia will welcome several new models, including the V40, V55, V65, F55 and F70.



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