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Wolz Nautic, the specialist for high-quality ship floor decking aims to redefine sustainability in yacht deck construction and manufacturing boat decks with wood from sustainable forestry.

Photography by Wolz Nautic

03 October 2019


The eco-wood, Tesumo, which has undergone long-term testing and a patented double modification process, will be used as the deck covering in various future projects, including the 182.9-metre Vard explorer yacht, REV, (pictured above), which is the largest in-build project in the world.

Together with a weight and noise-reducing 3D cork as levelling material, Wolz Nautic’s product range enables the company to deliver a system that ultimately represents an innovative and sustainable overall solution.

Tesumo was presented for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show. With the look and feel of teak, Tesumo features not only a rich, golden-brown colour and beautiful grain structure.

It also boasts dimensional stability, weathering performance and natural durability to meet or surpass the high standards for yacht decking material. The source wood is available in abundance from sustainable and legally compliant forestry.

Several other projects are at the planning stage.


Besides its broad range of conventional materials for yacht deck construction, Wolz Nautic already began some time ago to use other materials and take part in the development of sustainable wooden deck solutions.

The current sustainable solution from Tesumo comes very close to the properties and visual appearance of teak, and would for the first time be a real alternative crafted from natural wood that is also biodegradable.

“By using a new alternative, the company aims to win over other owners or shipyards as well, and thus make a key contribution in terms of sustainability in yacht building,” announced Michael Wolz, Managing Director of Wolz Nautic.

Among other activities, Wolz Nautic started a cooperation with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and joined the “Wood Forever Pact” in 2017.

2019 saw this initiative integrated into the “Sustainable Yachting Network”. This is an initiative brought into being by Prince Albert II, aimed at building up a network of members from the yachting industry committed to the responsible use of resources in yacht building.

With two production facilities in Germany, 110 employees and turnover of around €13.3 million in 2018, Wolz Nautic is the world leader in ship deck production.

Founded in the late 1920s as carpentry firm for high-quality furniture, Wolz Nautic has been active in the production of prefabricated ship decking since the 1980s. The main focus of Wolz Nautic’s operations is on the production of teak wood or synthetic decking, as well as on special solutions for the maritime sector.

Wolz Nautic supplies most of Europe’s biggest shipyards in the series-production boat and megayacht sector.




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