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Two years after their Tombolo Shipyard acquisition, Seven Stars Marina and Shipyard has confirmed they will relaunch Leopard Yachts.

03 August 2021


The iconic 70s brand Leopard Yachts will experience new life, officially being relaunched by Seven Stars Marina and Shipyard, located near Pisa.

The announcement comes almost 50 years since the 1973 collaboration between the Picchiotti family and naval architect Paolo Caliari that resulted in the first Leopard Yacht.

In 2019, Seven Stars Marina and Shipyard acquired the Tombolo Shipyard, the same shipyard Leopard Yachts had been situated out of since 2000.

“Seven Stars specialises in creating tailor-made yachts for demanding owners. But with Leopard Yachts, the importance in relaunching a renowned Italian brand made the challenge even more interesting,” said Seven Stars Marina and Shipyard CEO Davide Mugnaini.

In the pursuit to revive the brand, Mugnaini met with Andre Bacigalupo, one of Leopard’s original architects and Caliari’s protégé who, to Mugnaini’s delight, was continuing to perfect his Leopard Yacht designs in private. 

“We had a mutual respect for Leopard’s history,” continued Mugnaini.


“Combined with Seven Stars’ technical know-how, it has made our collaboration on the relaunch of Leopard Yachts an act of love.”

Bacigalupo has been confirmed as the architect behind Leopard Yachts’ new 36-metre streamlined hull, each model’s interior and additions being completely customisable.

“No Leopard constructed by Seven Stars Marina and Shipyard will be identical. Our approach is truly artisanal and tailor-made,” added Leopard Yachts’ Brand Manager Carlo Pittis. 

“Potential owners are afforded a blank canvas, whether they wish to install a jacuzzi or completely redesign the yacht’s interior spaces.”

The forthcoming 24-metre and the 46-metre models afford equally attractive options for potential owners, with the former being both sporty and compact, while the latter will prioritise the onboard experience. 

Although each launch will pair cutting-edge design with technological solutions, Leopard Yachts’ unique lines will be immediately recognisable. 



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