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A revolutionary project from Amasea Yachts, a new player on the luxury catamaran market, is preparing to make waves in the yachting world.

Photography by Amasea

15 January 2020


After several months of development, the company has presented a scale model of the Amasea 84, and newly released images of the catamaran confirm its status as one of the most spacious, refined and efficient vessels in its class.

The 25-metre Amasea 84 is designed as a liveaboard that delivers comfortable long-range ocean cruising.

While the hull length of 24 metres ensures it remains below the legal size limit for ‘small craft’ categorisation, guests will undoubtedly have the sensation of being on a much larger yacht.

Dr Albert Nazarov of Albatross Marine Design (AMD), who has enormous experience in the catamaran sector, designed the ultra-comfortable Amasea 84 to ensure guest circulation on board is as sophisticated as it gets.

The aft beach club, for instance, is an exciting and spacious area; stairs on both sides give easy access to the swim platform and tender mooring.


“The aft beach club is very similar to what superyachts above 30 metres have long possessed, and which have proved to be very popular among guests, there is no doubt about that,” explained Amasea CEO and Founder Jack Wijnants.

The scale model clearly shows the extent of the outside space on board the Amasea 84, and its flybridge is particularly impressive thanks to the lounge area and dining facilities for up to 16 people, with the option to install an additional jacuzzi.

“Such a sophisticated set-up is rarely seen on yachts below 30 meters”, comments Wijnants. Half the deck is covered by an innovative carbon fiber hardtop that provides shade on sunny days. Well aligned with the current movement towards environmental awareness, the sun shade is equipped with solar panels for topping up the batteries and generating hot water for the yacht.

Aft and bow lounges on the main deck are equally practical and capacious. The former may serve as an additional exterior dining space, a party area or even a yoga space for morning workouts. The bow area is accessible via wide and safe side decks. With its U-shaped settee and table, it is arguably the most romantic place on the yacht thanks to the panoramic views of the ocean and sunsets.

Further innovations contribute to making the Amasea 84 the most comfortable and thoughtfully-arranged catamaran on the market. A solid stairwell connecting the main deck and flybridge is located close to the pilothouse, which is particularly convenient while mooring.

Full-width panoramic windows in the main deck living area provide a clear and unobstructed view of the surroundings. The port side of the yacht has huge glass panels with an optional internal or external balcony.

Due to the catamaran’s exceptional width of almost 11 metres and its all-aluminum construction, the yacht’s layout is especially convenient.; for example, an owner can choose between one or two master cabins on the upper deck.

“It is remarkable to have the option of two master cabins,” notes Dr Nazarov. “Other spaces are flexible as well, made possible thanks to the catamaran’s square shape. And, of course, an owner can bring his interior designer into the project, allowing custom interior styling to create a completely unique yacht.”

The main deck features a spacious saloon, an office, guest cabins, and cooking facilities. Two garages provide storage space for numerous toys for maximum guest fun at anchor, while the lower deck is dedicated to crew operations, with essential facilities such as galley and laundry.

The Amasea 84’s waterline length is 23.9 metres, while the overall length is 25 meters. The proportions of the yacht have been carefully considered by the project team, based on the restrictions that can come into play once a catamaran’s length exceeds 30 metres, including marina accessibility and charges.

Compared to a monohull of the same length, the Amasea 84 has a similar displacement but two additional guest cabins (six compared to four) and the total deck area is doubled, at around 547 square metres.

The newly revealed scale model provides a greater insight into the impressive exterior look of the Amasea 84 than the existing renderings. The yacht’s hull has a ‘canoe’ shape below the waterline and stern platform, which guarantees excellent protection of stern gear, along with proven hydrodynamic efficiency in number of AMD’s models.

Wijnants plans to commence building the first Amasea 84 at Amasea Yachts’ shipyard in Turkey in the coming months, with delivery scheduled for 2021 after finishing is completed in Europe. The first unit will take around 20 months to build, but subsequent hulls will have a delivery time of 12 to 16 months.

The estimated base price of the Amasea 84 is 6.5 million Euro.

Founded in 2018, Amasea Yachts is a completely new company based in Monaco. Amasea is derived from two words: “amare” (to love in Italian) and “sea”.

This gives a general idea of the company and its market vision. Amasea Yachts will be producing proven and robust, oceangoing and custom-made boats for owners who are deeply in love with the sea. These contemporary yachts can voyage regardless of distance or rough weather to explore the world in maximum privacy and comfort.

Jack Wijnants is the founder and owner of Amasea Yachts. “The whole story started with our own requirements, which couldn’t be met by the composite builders,” explains the experienced yachtsman and boat builder whose family has always owned Dutch-built steel yachts.

Originally from Belgium, Jack has lived in Monaco for more than 10 years. 10 years ago, Wijnants started MSAR, a company in Malta that builds patrol, rescue and multipurpose boats, which he now owns.

Dr Albert Nazarov is responsible for Amasea Yachts’ innovative naval architecture. He graduated in 1996 with a degree in Naval Architecture from the Faculty of Marine Technology and Shipping at the Sevastopol National Technical University. In 1999, he was a finalist in an international yacht design competition in the United Kingdom and, soon after, he started his own boat design business.

A boating enthusiast with wide experience in sailing and power boating, he has a Yacht Captain License and IYT Bareboat Skipper certificate.


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