Nextwave for Lee

Nextwave Yachting acquires substantial stake in Lee Marine.

26 October 2023


Hong Kong-based Nextwave Yachting has made a strategic acquisition with a significant stake in leading Thai luxury yacht dealership Lee Marine.

Combining NextWave Yachting’s extensive experience in the industry with Lee Marine’s established reputation in the luxury yachting sector, this partnership marks a pivotal step forward for both companies as they cater to the evolving needs of the luxury yachting market in Asia.

The Asian yachting industry has seen considerable growth over the past decade with an escalating demand for premium yachting experiences and Thailand and Hong Kong are dynamic marine hubs in the region.

Through this partnership, Nextwave Yachting and Lee Marine are uniquely positioned to cater to that growth and the evolving needs of the Asian luxury yachting market.

Blending their expertise and resources, and with shared values and vision, Nextwave Yachting and Lee Marine are looking forward with confidence in the future of yachting in Asia, and are committed to delivering exceptional service and unparalleled experiences to discerning clientele.


“The acquisition of Lee Marine represents more than a business venture – it’s a union of shared principles and a convergence of visions,” said Frankie Chau, Chairman of Nextwave Yachting.

“Together, we embrace the momentum of growth in this vibrant region, uniting our respective experience with the dynamism of an expanding enterprise.”

Joshua Lee, who founded Lee Marine in 1997, commented, “We’re excited to announce this partnership to the market today, and expect our combined experience and resources to deliver significant long-term benefits to our manufacturers and client base.”

This strategic alliance positions Nextwave Yachting and Lee Marine as innovators and change-makers of the exciting era of yachting that lies ahead.



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