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NEXT Yacht Group has been formed by the owner of the Maiora, AB Yachts and CBI Navi brands.

03 September 2021


Uniting Maiora, AB Yachts and CBI Navi under one umbrella, known as NEXT Yacht Group, the business is looking to take the concept of onboard comfort and liveability to the ultimate level.

With Maiora yachts, the thrill of a sporty personality is combined with high-speed cruising in the utmost safety on AB Yachts. For CBI Navi, the goal is to conquer the next frontier in the use of technology in steel boatbuilding.

NEXT Yacht Group draws on the tradition of a group boasting over 40 years of experience, whose magnificent yachts have contributed to making Italian boating uniquely recognised all over the world.

Underpinned by the economic and financial standing of GB Invest Holding AG, a world leader in information technology and in the application potential of artificial intelligence, NEXT Yacht Group is aiming to combine technological research with the bespoke approach of fully custom products.


As the name suggests, NEXT Yacht Group has been established with a clear vision for the future, going beyond conventional paradigms to offer its own vision of excellence and a different, innovative interpretation of the luxury lifestyle.

NEXT Yacht Group is an integral part of a wider, strategic plan to invest in the top-end luxury hospitality sector, aiming to connect Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, thereby uniting the capital of worldwide boatbuilding with the glamour of beaches and haute couture, and the historical Hotel Principe di Piemonte with the mellow charm of Maitò Beach, through the unique sensory experience offered by the best starred chefs.

NEXT Yacht Group will be taking part in the Cannes, Genoa and Monaco boat shows, introducing  its new company structure and its fresh, engaging brand identity.

Considerable investments have already been made to renovate production sites, develop new models, and strengthen the design and organisational structure, coordinated by new CEO Gennaro Candida De Matteo, whose brilliant, long-standing experience in the yachting industry is bound to be a vital asset for the group.



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