New wave tender

Pascoe International announces the sale of the world’s first, 100-percent electric superyacht limousine tender.

13 January 2022


Pascoe International can confirm that the first fully electric limousine tender is now under construction and will be delivered in 2023 to a large new build mothership from a major Northern European shipyard.

Following a six-year research and development period, Pascoe International is now offering full electric propulsion for their limousines and open guest tenders.

Pascoe International’s technical team have been studying the viability of electric-tender propulsion in collaboration with expert advisors and research partners for many years. During this process, they have carried out extensive R&D on hull design, motor integration, battery performance and whole-system optimisation.

Partners include automotive electrification specialists, propeller designers, battery manufacturers and leading university research teams.

Tom Southern, Vice President at Pascoe International commented, “The realisation of a zero-emission at point of use Limousine Tender with a top speed of 40 knots and a maximum range of 60 miles will be a defining moment for the superyacht industry.”


Southern continued, “The e-Limousine truly signifies the beginning of a new wave of luxury water-borne travel and a move away from internal combustion propulsion systems in the superyacht sector.”

With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability, this project will mark the start of a new era for yachting.

At a time when stricter emissions regulations are being introduced across the globe, the zero-emission Pascoe Tenders will be a showcase of advanced marine technology from launch and for many years to come. For a yacht owner and their guests, the appeal of an electric limousine tender is not just environment-related.

While considerable fossil-fuel savings are achieved by charging the tender from the ship’s own power generation systems compared to running the tender directly on diesel, there are other key advantages.

These include a near-total removal of torsional vibration transmitted into the hull structure, considerable reduction in noise (both inside the cabin and outside the tender), a significant increase in acceleration due to the torque profile of the electric motors and of course the knowledge that they are leading the global shift to zero-emission at point of use technologies.

The Pascoe e-Limousine based on the company’s award-winning SL platform uses the latest oil-cooled electric motors, but these are just one part of the equation.

Ensuring the most efficient transfer of power from the motor to the water is one of the critical areas that will set the e-Limousine apart from any other craft currently in use or indeed under development elsewhere. The sophisticated electrification system incorporates the latest advancements in propulsion technology.

Pascoe International has partnered with experts in marine propulsion to develop a new drive system that provides optimum propulsion efficiency whilst removing the noise and vibration associated with a conventional stern drive.

The e-Limousine drive will offer precise joystick docking and unprecedented improvements in comfort levels for guests travelling on board.

With over 250 projects delivered since the company was founded in 2004, Pascoe International has unrivalled experience in the design, integration and understanding of the operational profiles of modern superyacht tenders.

Using data collected from the 27 Pascoe Limousines in active service to define the typical use profile of large guest tenders, it is evident that fully electric guest tenders are now a viable and far superior alternative to combustion-fueled craft.

In 2023, the first e-Limousine will be delivered to a large yacht currently under construction at a prestigious shipyard.



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