New tech advances

Videoworks unveiled an array of new technology for onboard health and entertainment at the Monaco Yacht Show.

19 October 2023


At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, Italian technology design firm Videoworks revealed its latest innovations, known as HRM (Health Remote Monitoring) technology and new lighting systems to turn a space on board a yacht into a nightclub.

More than 25 years of experience and hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and lighting and comfort systems installed on board superyachts sailing all over the world.

HRM is a completely new development in technology, permitting remote monitoring of health parameters via broadband connections.

The system can provide the owners’ or guests’ own personal physician with real-time information on their health, offering a reasonably complete clinical picture (for instance, by transmitting blood pressure, heartbeat and blood oxygenation data) so that the doctor can determine whether the patient can be treated on board, will soon require further examination in a hospital, or requires emergency intervention.


What makes this service truly original is the direct connection with the patient’s personal physician, rather than with a service centre, as is commonly the case of telemedicine, in which the patient’s data is analysed by whichever doctor is on duty.

This preserves the patient’s privacy and, above all, ensures direct communication with his or her own doctor, who is familiar with the patient’s pathologies and state of health.

The development of this new technology is made even more efficient thanks to the 5G and the new connections guaranteed by the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite system, one of the innovations that Videoworks is able to guarantee on board, with a connection just as stable and fast as we are used to having at home or in the office.

During the Videoworks press conference at the Monaco Yacht Show, and for the duration of the boat show, visitors could test the HRM system by measuring their blood oxygen level and heart rate using a classic pulse oximeter, reproducing what the system does on board.

The recorded saturation value appeared on a screen, which can be reproduced on the smartphone or tablet of the person undergoing the test thanks to a QR Code provided upon completion of the test. This demonstrates how the patient’s personal physician back at home can access the data quickly and securely, while protecting the patient’s privacy. Owners and guests can be connected with their own personal physician, anywhere and anytime!

The monitoring system was described in detail in the press conference with the participation of Professor Luchetti Gentiloni of the Polytechnic University of Italy’s Marche region, a leading physician in general medicine and first aid, explaining the benefits of HRM and how it works in lay terms.

In addition to this, multifunctional furniture modules called “Life Modules”, designed by FM Architettura D’Interni, were also unveiled for the very first time.


Wireless stand

The entire stand was wireless, reproducing the same connection as on a yacht on the high seas; the stand didn’t make use of the Principality of Monaco’s fibre optic connection but used a 5G wireless system with Bonding technology.

This solution combines two 5G channels to obtain greater bandwidth for connection stability and speed similar to that at home. The added value Videoworks offers is georeferenced services, guaranteeing, for example, that an American guest can browse using an American IP even when connected to a French or Italian provider and, of course, vice versa.

This means that users connecting to streaming services or browsing the internet will find themselves in an environment identical to the one they are used to seeing, with home pages in their own language. This may seem like an unimportant detail, but growing use of streaming services means this service is sure to be appreciated in the future.


User interface with HTML5 standard

There are new developments concerning user interfaces on touchscreens and telephones too: starting this year, in all its new projects Videoworks uses the HTML5 standard, a graphic technology borrowed from the automotive industry permitting great flexibility in the design and customisation of graphic interfaces. The aim is to guarantee the same user experience on TVs, tablets and other onboard monitors thanks to the same interfaces, ensuring greater and simpler usability.


From yacht to nightclub

Another aspect increasingly in demand among owners is nightclub-inspired lighting systems, employing extremely flexible solutions in which the same light fixtures can be used for regular and architectural lighting, but make use of RGB technology to turn into party lighting systems.

At MYS 2023, Videoworks showed an interactive wall and a ceiling projector at its stand: a discreet presence to be turned on when the owner wishes to create a nightclub scenario.



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