New life

New Sanlorenzo SD96 revealed at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019.

Photography by Thomas Pagani

11 September 2019


Sanlorenzo has previewed the design for a new 28-metre SD96 at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival. The SD96 is an entry level model of Sanlorenzo’s semi-displacement SD yacht line, a 28-metre model that will replace the SD92. Like all the models in the line, the SD96 is built on three bridges.

The company entrusted Patricia Urquiola with the interior design of the new SD96 yacht.

“I chose Patricia because I wanted to add a more feminine touch to the interiors in Sanlorenzo yachts, something which until now had been foreign to the nautical world,” said Massimo Perotti, Chairman Sanlorenzo. “Today she is the most sought-after woman in global design thanks to her ability to combine beauty and comfort. ”

The SD96 also retains the shape of the forward and lateral windows of the entire range but with panes that from the outside are visually similar to the hull, thanks to Patricia Urquiola’s choice to apply “one way” films to the windows of the cabins on the lower deck, to eradicate the perception of voids and give a sense of cleanliness and aesthetic unity.


“The style stems from the search for timeless class, where symbols interact flowingly and functionally with the containment of volumes and with the idea that the key element when it comes to style is the hull.

The SD96 is a yacht with a wealth of history and tradition that sets sail in a new sea, where stylistic features and functions have been redefined to help write a fascinating new page in the life of this shipyard,” said Bernardo Zuccon.

The yacht has redefined its lineup classification due to a request for volumes and functions that has changed over time and begs satisfaction, including more options from the smaller range sizes and up. 

“There are places that change and adapt to differing daily needs; it is as if the boat, closed and airtight in readiness to face the sea, once moored, can be opened up to allow the owner to optimise the quality of life on board,” said Zuccon.

The layout of the SD96 comes from the design concept of Philippe Briand, combined with the already broad experience and tradition of engineering at Sanlorenzo.

The hull design of the SD96 allows you to navigate at many speeds: from 10-knot navigation that maximises fuel economy to a cruising speed of 15 knots, up to the maximum speed of 20 knots.


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