New era

For the shipyard's 60th anniversary, Sessa Marine is also launching 7 new models.

30 July 2018


In these last two years, the shipyard has presented an industrial plan that aims to accelerate its production capacity.

The Fly 21, KL27, C44 and C38 have already been presented during the season 2017-2018, while the new KL24, C54 and C68 will be launched during the autumn fairs, and 3 new models have been scheduled: Fly52, Key Largo 43 and the long-awaited Explorer 60, a new Fast Displacement yacht that will expand the range of its category.

All this has been possible thanks to the continuous attention of the shipyard towards the needs of its customers, to the foresight of the founding partner Riccardo Radice to be able to interpret a very complex market, and the collaboration with Centrostiledesign, their technological partner led by Davide Cipriani, who for about twenty years has been working on design for other brands among the most important in the world.

The new Key Largo generation is represented by the KL27, launched last season, and the new KL24 (available with outboard and sterndrive engines) that will be presented at the Genoa Boat Show.


This range continues to evolve, with a design that has an even more aggressive look, characterised by recognisable lines.

Moreover, the addition of details, such as the large side window and the new windscreen, give a touch of modernity without disrespecting the previous versions. For the interiors and cushions, a reinterpretation of the contemporary style was undertaken.

Also the new flagship KL 43 has been planned, and will be presented in 2019.

The Yacht range includes the new C44 presented during the 2017-2018 season, and the new C54 and new C68 debuting during Cannes and Genoa Boat Show.

The most relevant features of these restyling are the exploitation of light thanks to the new windows along the wall and the deco of the interiors that, with a clever use of light-dark, glossy-matt, change the feeling on board, creating a contemporary, intimate and welcoming environment.

Following the success of the Fly21, the idea of the new Fly52, completely inspired by its bigger sister, will adopt novel solutions of habitability on the upper deck.

The project Explorer 60 was unveiled for the first time at the Boot in Düsseldorf, where it immediately aroused lot of curiosity. It combines the beauty and functionality of a superyacht by adopting innovative ergonomic solutions such as the bow design and the salon’s windows. It will be a small-scale maxi yacht, with a 5.80-metre beam and surprising use spaces. The aim of the project is also to recreate the comfort and intimacy of home, through high-level furnishings and the possibility to customise the living space.


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