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Whitehaven Motor Yachts has a new agreement with Kha Shing yard in Taiwan to manufacture its vessels 60 feet and above.

10 November 2022


The Whitehaven Group has appointed Taiwan-based shipyard, Kha Shing Enterprise to build the Whitehaven models from 60 feet and above.

This change brought to an end the long-standing relationship that Whitehaven enjoyed with the New Ocean Yachts Shipyard since 2010.

Managing Director, Bruce Scott explained, “Over the past 12 years and under the guiding hand of New Ocean Yachts General Manager and naval architect, Jason Kao, New Ocean made a significant contribution to support and development of the Whitehaven brand in building quality, robust and bespoke designed vessels for which we are very proud and grateful.

“While it’s sad that such a strong business relationship has run its course, nothing stays the same forever and for New Ocean Yachts this came in the form of a new partnership with renowned Taiwan-based manufacturer Fleming Yachts which they will now build for exclusively.”


Bruce continued, “For Whitehaven, this was clearly the catalyst for a change in manufacturer and our first criteria was to find a shipyard to replicate the build quality and flexibility of New Ocean Yachts and there is no doubt that Kha Shing meets and exceeds this pre-requisite condition.”

Kha Shing is a custom manufacturer who has been building motor yachts from 40 to 150 feet for over 45 years, constructing vessels for other well-established brands in Australia and the US.

Kha Shing also have their own Monte Fino brand of Motor Yachts and Explorer Yachts that range from 76 to 130 feet which are built for European and US clients looking for larger bespoke custom builds.

“The Kha Shing Shipyard is a significantly larger operation than New Ocean which offers to Whitehaven additional build capabilities, more in-house trade skills and technology and the opportunity to explore the International markets such as the US,” said Bruce.

“We are in good hands at Kha Shing,” added Whitehaven Production Manager, Ryan Hanson who has previously worked with Kha Shing for another OEM.

“They have fabulous facilities and a depth of infrastructure that will allow the Whitehaven business to further grow and develop and we are fortunate to be in their stable.”

Whitehaven currently has two new vessels under construction at Kha Shing: a 6500 Coupe (pictured top) followed closely by a 6000 Flybridge.



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