Miami heat

Maritimo plan to put on an excellent display for the upcoming Miami Yacht Show.

06 February 2020


Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo is in final preparations for the upcoming Miami Yacht Show. Representatives from the company’s Gold Coast headquarters have made the journey over to support the America’s factory direct team and provide direct factory knowledge on the Maritimo range over the event.

The Miami show follows the Seattle Boat Show 2020 last month where Maritimo launched its company owned and operated Seattle sales base and introduced its factory trained and skilled Maritimo team representing the company in the North West.

The company has made a significant investment in infrastructure and human resources that are factory owned, controlled and trained in The Americas to provide exceptional service to current and future Maritimo owners.

“Having our factory trained team here with each individual’s intimate knowledge of the product and the brand, to provide support and answer questions, is proving highly valuable to our owners and guests, as was evidenced in Seattle and with the Australian team coming to the Miami show this will  provide added impetus,” said Maritimo Americas’ President Dave Northrop.


“With people like Maritimo’s lead designer Tom Barry-Cotter and General Manager- Operations Phil Candler here at the show it is a big benefit for our owners and guests to learn and gain early insight into upcoming product and design. “Basically they can answer any question thrown at them and have a level of knowledge of the company and its range that is incredibly informative and valuable to boaters.”

Maritimo had three vessels on display and a range of VIP events including one function at the prestigious Seattle Yacht Club at the recent Seattle show and will showcase four models in Miami, being the X50, X60, M51 and M59.

Northrop said the team was excited to showcase the latest Maritimo models at Miami show which runs from 13 to 17 February.

“Having the Aussie team here will be great for our current owners and also prospective buyers and is a clear demonstration of Maritimo’s ongoing investment in human resources and physical locations in The Americas,” he said.

Northrop said the factory owned facility in Seattle and the factory trained and employed professionals representing the brand provided a great sense of comfort for existing owners and prospective buyers and the feedback from customers during and after the show was extremely positive.

“By having our own base and our own team we have virtually cut out the middleman and our owners know they have the direct support of trained professionals with a thorough knowledge of all Maritimo vessels,” he said.

“Miami is shaping up to be another exciting show for us.”


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