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The new Riva 50-metre M/Y launched Ancona in a ceremony boasting its proud Italian heritage.

15 March 2021


Italian builder, Riva Yachts has launched its new flagship, the M/Y Fifty, at a private launch ceremony, the vessel hitting the water at Riva’s Ancona shipyard along the Adriatic Coast.

At 50 metres in length and with a maximum beam of nine metres, the M/Y Fifty was developed by the Riva Superyacht Division to combine an optimal cruising experience with both comfort and attention to detail. The same values the Italian brand has perpetually embraced throughout its 179 years of existence.

The design however, which came from a collaboration between the exclusive Riva designer, Officina Italiana Design and Riva’s Product Strategy Committee, led by Piero Ferrari, is intended to invoke the past. 

Inspired by the aesthetic of the Caravelle and Atlantic series of motoryachts, designed by Carlo Riva, of the 1960s and 70s, the M/Y Fifty embraces heritage.

The model’s colouring of blue-tinged shark grey reflects this direction, complementing the extensive use of mahogany, steel and glass and in turn helping to create a classical, elegant appearance.


“Riva M/Y ‘Fifty’ is the demonstration that we Italians know how to imagine and realise masterpieces like no one else in the world. And at this difficult time, my thanks goes to everyone whose skills and efforts have helped build this magnificent ship,” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.

“Once upon a time, the expression ‘written on water’ was used to describe actions that have a fleeting impact. But what we have written on the water today in Ancona is another unforgettable and glorious page in Riva’s history,” he added.

“My recommendation for those in search of great emotions is to take a look at this new Riva and the breathtaking way she shines with style, legend and innovation, all thanks to the talent and expertise of the workers involved.”

Founded in the 1842 in the Italian city of Sarnico, Riva Yachts is a builder of luxury yachts. In 2000, the Ferretti Group purchased 100 percent of the brand’s capital.



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