Lots to LUV

Swedish electric car pioneer, Luvly is developing the “0”, a compact, flatpack quadricycle to solve the world’s emissions crisis.

15 June 2023


The brand’s first LUV (Light Urban Vehicle), named “0”, is just 2,700-millimetres long and weighs less than 400kg, yet still offers a 269-litre boot. Featuring swappable batteries, the machine has a claimed range of 62 miles (99kms), with a top speed of 56mph (90kms per hour) – and all for a starting price of £8,800 (AUD$16,500).

With a top speed of 90km/h and a range of 100km, Luvly O is a lightweight vehicle is electric and recyclable, designed with sustainability at its core.

The firm was co-founded by Håkan Lutz, a long time car industry veteran who has long pushed for neat solutions to affordable mobility.

“Luvly LUVs will create affordable access to ethical, safe passenger and cargo transport choices, democratising the benefits of a plug-in car with vehicles that are more practical, affordable, and efficient, as well as safer for pedestrians and other drivers than traditional cars,” the designers stated.


“A unique flatpack transportation solution enables assembly close to the end-user, reducing the carbon emissions and cost of shipping.

“Additionally, Luvly’s patented, licensable infrastructure platform and tech development kit enables third-party development and production of LUVs, creating a cost-effective and customisable global solution for brand-new vehicular innovations.”

Virtually all Luvly vehicle parts are recyclable and most can be made from renewable materials.

Compared with electric cars, energy consumption from LUV production, shipping, and distribution is around 80 percent lower.

In terms of safety, the brand says its solution is “Slow formula racing tech”, applying the principles from formula racing cars on LUVs.

“A strong, lightweight safety cell using sandwich composites and added Energy Absorption Zones to the outside ensures that the passengers are well protected, despite the deceivingly low weight. We have the ambition to offer passive safety comparable to a small car.

“The flat sandwich composites, used in Luvly, are light, strong, and stiff. They can be produced from very low-priced materials and still have the desirable characteristics. The key to achieving the lowest cost and the lowest price on the market is by combining bulk, off-the-shelf staple parts with the Luvly patented technology.”

Luvly was founded in 2015 in Stockholm by Håkan Lutz (CEO), Björn Lindblom (Chairman), and David Egertz (CTO). In the mid-2000s, serial entrepreneur Lutz foresaw a demand for sustainable and space-efficient urban travel, but was met with general indifference to the threat of climate change, as well as a lack of existing affordable structural technologies.

Following a decade of engineering innovation and procedural development, Lutz, Lindblom, and Egertz launched Luvly in 2015, to a world rapidly waking up to the urgent need to abandon fossil fuels.

Håkan Lutz, CEO and Founder of Luvly adds, “Luvly was founded on the belief that the negative aspects of cars – environmental harm, cost, danger to pedestrians and other road-users, space inefficiency – can be mitigated by combining modern technological solutions with futuristic design.

“Our light urban vehicles emphasise the values of positive communal living: consideration, temperance, and taking responsibility not just for yourself, not even just for your children, but also for your neighbour.

“In many markets, consumers are ready to eschew expensive, polluting, dangerous cars in favour of more fit-for-purpose solutions. With our combination of patented tech innovation and sophisticated licensing and logistics structures, we believe Luvly is poised to become a world-leader in the urban transport of the decades ahead.”



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