Lift Foils has revealed the next revolutionary model in their line-up, the innovative LIFT4, launching at Dubai International Boat Show this week.

01 March 2023


Designed to prioritise three main qualities – style, longevity, and performance – LIFT4 is the quietest eFoil ever created and features a technological breakthrough in battery life allowing riders to be out on the water longer and explore further than ever before at a fraction of the charging time of any other eFoil available on the market.

With new colour options, advanced electronics, new hardware, and an entirely new line-up of wings, the LIFT4 is the most customisable, most powerful, and longest-lasting eFoil on the market.

Development of the LIFT4 comes following five years of extensive usage of Lift products and acquiring feedback from more than 15,000 riders, Lift Foils has updated and reworked most of its components to perfect one’s ride and create an eFoil that will revolutionise how we interact with water and with nature.

Lift Foils Founder and CEO Nick Leason said, “Being the designer and the rider offers a closed-loop experience where you can really hone in on what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it.


“Riding an eFoil is not only about going out and surfing, but also about silencing your mind, getting into a flow state, and connecting with nature.

“At Lift, we constantly strive to perfect our product to make it easier to get into that natural state and enjoy your surroundings. All the new features and cutting-edge technology on the LIFT4 do just that.

“Our customers are going to be very excited to see this novel craft that we’ve been working so hard on in our workshop to elevate every part of the foiling experience.”

Since Lift Foils started designing eFoils seven years ago, the brand has been continuously pushing the boundaries of battery technology. Developed in-house by the company’s engineers, the new Gen4 batteries deliver the best experience possible on and off the water and offer a new and state-of-the-art battery management system, or BMS, which optimises the performance and the efficiency of each ride, therefore extending the lifespan of the battery overall.

With the Gen4 battery system, charge time has been decreased to only 50 minutes for the Full Range model, and less than 30 minutes for the Light Battery. This allows riders to maximise time on the water and spend less time waiting for gear to recharge.

Thanks to Lift Foils’ market-leading position, the company has been able to access battery cells used by the finest electric vehicles, which feature the highest energy capacity per cell.

The Lift Full Range Battery offers ride times of up to 2.5 hours, and the Lift Light Battery offers ride times of up to 1.5 hours. The Gen4 batteries feature new housing, completely redesigned to create a rugged, lab-tested, and field-proven product.

Lift Foils has put a large focus on safety and reliability while increasing longevity and reducing weight. The housing has a new ergonomic handle as well as rubber feet for maximum comfort and protection.

Upgrades and refinements have also been made to the new LIFT4 eBox for an effortless and near silent experience on the water. Lift Foils’ state-of-the-art Quiet Ride Technology System consists of an advanced motor controller that is their smoothest and quietest controller to date.

This new system utilises the latest technology in the electric mobility industry and enhances the ride experience significantly by cutting any existing vibrations or sounds in half. This way, riders aren’t listening to their equipment, but to their natural surroundings.

When it comes to design and ease of usability, Lift Foils pays attention to details and has updated some small, but important items like latches. The LIFT4 offers updated carbon fibre latches, both engineered and manufactured in the factory in Puerto Rico. These new latches feature a new ergonomic shape and shave significant weight from an eFoil assembly.

They also offer precision tensioning and automatically regulate pressure inside the hatch compartment, making it easier to open and close in all conditions.

For the LIFT4, Lift Foils also introduces new wings to create the ultimate flying experience for customers.

The new Camber Pro Series takes everything Lift has learned about wing design and construction and creates the smoothest eFoil-specific wings to date. They’ve fine-tuned the shapes and curves that define wing performance and create an even more balanced feel for the rider. The new Camber Pro Series comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Two additional back wings have also been introduced: 36 and 46 Glides to offer the appropriate balance between stability and carving performance.

Constructed of carbon fibre, Lift Foils has maintained its original board shapes and sizes and added additional colour options for the launch of the LIFT4. Between their core colours and extensive metallics, one can select from up to 12 colour options to customise their ride.

For ultimate performance and reduced weight, the LIFT4 also features a full carbon fibre mast, which is available in two sizes: 28-inch and 32-inch. These pair with a precision machined aluminium propeller, each one milled from a block of aerospace aluminium, hand polished, hard anodised, and balanced to perfection.

These propellers are ultra-rigid for maximum bite and torque, and they’re built to survive any abuse they might encounter in the water.

All pieces in the propulsion unit are fully modular and can be easily interchanged for one’s ride preference via their in-house designed Lift Connect System (LCS). The LIFT4 comes with everything you need to experience the magical feeling of eFoiling. There is also a standard two-year warranty on all components.

Lift Foils’ eFoils and classic foils can be found at more than 400 affiliates and retail partners in 80 countries.



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