Key convergence

The ASMEX programme sees increased interest in registrations.

10 May 2018


It was noted last year that industry wanted breakout sessions for each sector, with the opportunity to talk directly to key policy makers and stakeholders in the export, superyacht and commercial industry sectors.

Richard Chapman, AIMEX President said “We have listened carefully to members and our industry committee members and developed a programme we believe will meet the needs of the various groups. Clearly the number of registrations we have received and the increase this week confirms we are on the right track.”

Barry Jenkins, Chair of Superyacht Australia commented “For those in the superyacht sector it is critical we get the opportunity as a group to talk directly to policy makers and it is exciting for us that we will have key government representatives in the room. Government has indicated to us they support the superyacht sector and appreciate our frustrations around some of the policy interpretation issues. We will certainly be asking the pointed questions, I see this conference opening a positive path for the future.”


In the export sector, Alistair Murray a stalwart of the industry, is keen to share his experiences but to also delve further into how the government can better support export businesses. There is a lot of talk about FTA agreements but still businesses seem reluctant to use them.

Representatives from Austrade, Department of Industry and AMSA will also be available during the conference to discuss issues with industry.

Denis Maher, Manager of the AIMEX commercial group ACMG, has along with the ACMG committee created a very valuable breakout session educating the industry about current activity in this sector and what businesses need to do to gain a greater share of this market.

As in every conference the greatest benefits are in the networking, the development of new relationships, the creation of alliances and the renewal of old acquaintances. With the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show held immediately after the ASMEX conference, it allows for a very cost effective opportunity for anyone wanting to take in both these key industry events.


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