Keeping you safe

BUBEN&ZORWEG unveil its new Masterpieces collection of luxury safes.

Photography by BUBEN&ZORWEG

15 May 2017


BUBEN&ZORWEG is a German company that creates inbuilt, multifunctional luxury safes, clocks, and watch winders.

Masterpieces is the newest collection from the brand and the focus of the collection is on safety, design and execution.

One of the key pieces is the New Illusion. It is a 40 kilogram steel-bodied safe. The New Illusion safe is a practical alternative to the traditional full specification safe and is a unique yet simple security solution. It is unlocked by way of a fingerprint or a transponder chip.

The Grande Illusion is another safe within the series. It is triple the size of the New Illusion and it elevates its contents out of a shaped column that is covered in fine leather and Alcantara. It is crowned by an optional Fine Timepiece with a BUBEN&ZORWEG signature movement. The inspiration for the sculpture-like piece was the famous Clock Tower in Dubai.

The Solitaire Vision is yet another innovation from the Masterpieces collection. It is protected by bullet-proof spy glass that enables an insight when the LED lighting system is activated. Further adding to the sophistication of the Solitaire Vision is the integration of 46 Time Movers®, a humidor, an integrated HI-FI system, bar module, a SI-60 safe, and a Fine Timepiece with World Time indication and Tourbillon escapement.


The Guardian Safe and Galaxy Deluxe are products within the new collection that display the company’s concern for creating safes that are both beautiful in design and impeccable in safety. The Galaxy Deluxe is an upgrade of the existing Galaxy. It includes the BUBEN&ZORWEG signature movement and high-gloss lacquered and matt surfaces. The Guardian Safe has new lines and shapes and houses an SI-40 safe hidden by a two-way mirror glass door made of eight-millimetre safety glass capable of integrating up to 12 Time Movers®.


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