Island service

Steber International delivers a fourth Steber service boat to Fregate Island, powered by Yanmar.

17 May 2018


In a big, competitive world and the even more rarified world of 7 Star resorts, superior levels of quality, reliability and service are expected.

The latest boat from Taree-based Steber International is headed to the unique Fregate Island private resort, part of the Seychelles in the Western Indian Ocean.

It becomes the fourth Steber boat servicing Fregate Island, its predecessors still performing faultlessly up to 22 years after delivery. The last delivery from Taree was a Steber 38 powered by twin Yanmar 6LY3s two years ago; it logs up to 1600 hours per year.

The specially optioned Steber 52 is powered by twin 700MHP Yanmar 6HYM-WET S-rated diesels, also driving MASE Mariner 1600 gensets.

Given its operation in some serious marine waters, the fibreglass hull boat’s highly evolved keeled hull and structural qualities, combined with the 13.7 litre Yanmar’s reliability and performance characteristics, are up to the challenge.


Yanmar’s reliability and reputation for customer and product support were big factors in the engine selection for the Steber 52. Power Equipment has also received an order for engines in the forthcoming first Steber 60.

Power Equipment’s demonstrated ongoing customer support for leading boat builders like Steber International continues a proud record established over decades.

“Steber International’s working relationship with Power Equipment and Yanmar over the years has been above average – extremely good,” Alan Steber commented.

Steber vessels have been exported to various countries including Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Malaysia and New Zealand. In the ‘custom fit commercial’ category they are arguably at the top of the pack.

“And we’re in fibreglass which has enormous advantages over aluminium including noise levels, ride comfort and insulation,” according to Alan Steber. “Those insulation properties are an extra advantage in the Seychelles and the Gulf countries close to the Equator,” he added.

“We are experts at what we do” said Alan, “We have the infrastructure and expertise to go to the next level, and look forward, if there’s new technology there, to be part of it, to continue for the next 70 years.”



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