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Italian superyacht builder Sanlorenzo is to integrate Volvo Penta's emissions-reducing IPS Professional Platform on two upcoming models.

25 January 2024


Volvo Penta and Sanlorenzo are working together to bring Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System (IPS) Professional Platform to two new Sanlorenzo yachts, the SX120 and the SX132.

The two models are expected to launch in 2025 and 2027 respectively and will be the first superyachts installed with the IPS Professional Platform, which is an advanced technology and propulsion platform for commercial marine vessels and superyachts.

Volvo Penta and Sanlorenzo are showcasing their plans for the new IPS-powered yachts during boot Düsseldorf in Germany, which runs until 28 January 2024, at the show’s Blue Innovation Dock.

Volvo Penta says the IPS Professional Platform offers unparalleled comfort, performance and sustainability for a new class of marine vessels and superyachts. Equipped with new intelligent technology features and designed for enhanced sustainability, the IPS Professional platform improves efficiency to reach up to a 30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.


“When adopting new solutions into superyachts, we must always consider the experience of owners and the captain,” says Johan Inden, President of Volvo Penta Marine.

“The IPS Professional Platform not only delivers new levels of efficiency and flexibility but also elevates the yachting experience through the fully integrated helm-to-propeller platform. Intelligent features combined with the platform’s unique design provide additional comfort and peace of mind.”

The compact design of the IPS Professional platform frees up valuable onboard space and reduces perceived noise by up to 50 per cent, according to Volvo Penta, which is part of the Volvo Group. Additionally, the forward-facing propeller design and efficient dual power input reduce vibration levels on board.

“Our collaboration with Sanlorenzo marks a new journey towards decarbonisation in the yachting sector,” says Inden. “We’re excited to see the launch of the first IPS Professional Platform-equipped superyacht in 2025.”

Highlights of the new platform include a flexible dual-power drive system. This means the solution can be installed as a twin, triple, or quad, enabling a mix of power sources to meet the yacht’s needs. Each yacht can have between four to eight power sources from internal combustion engines (ICE) running renewable fuels to fully electric or hybrid solutions.

The platform also offers intelligent power management – its eco mode is a new smart feature that will leverage onboard sensors to automatically start/stop engines based on the power needs of the captain.

Volvo Penta says the platform will consider optimal fuel consumption and engine run-time hours to engage the engine with the least hours for a given scenario. This will improve efficiency, and extend service/maintenance intervals.

In addition, the IPS Professional platform includes intelligent features tailored to supporting captains such as Volvo Penta assisted docking, dynamic positioning and diagnostic information provided through a professional-level Glass Cockpit helm display.

Both Volvo Penta and Sanlorenzo say they are dedicated to exploring multiple solutions to decarbonising the marine sector, developing paths including renewable fuels, hybrid and electric technology, fuel cells and efficiency-driven innovations in yacht and propulsion design.

Sanlorenzo is slated to launch the first 50 Steel yacht in 2024, equipped with a modular Reformer Fuel Cell system, capable of transforming green methanol into hydrogen and then into electricity to power the onboard hotel load. The system should lay the groundwork for the introduction of the first superyacht powered solely by green methanol by the end of the decade.

“The wishes of the customer have always been a fundamental part of Sanlorenzo’s philosophy,” says Massimo Perotti, Executive Chair of Sanlorenzo. “We begin at the intersection of technology and sustainability, combining the latest industry innovations with custom features and design that reflect the customer’s individual style.

“As the marine industry moves toward decarbonisation, we continue to pursue a premier experience that adheres to our vision of a sustainable future.

“As a committed project partner at the Blue Innovation Dock, Sanlorenzo is proud to produce the first custom yachts equipped with the all-new IPS Professional Platform and contribute to the journey of decarbonising the marine industry.”



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