Integrity Plus premieres

The Integrity 470 CE Plus with added performance will make its debut at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

03 May 2023


The Whitehaven Group will host the world premiere of the Integrity 470 CE Plus model from the Coastal Express range – the first Integrity in the new Plus range which is designed to deliver the same comfortable, easy cruising as the traditional Integrity, with added performance, features and styling.

“It was time for Integrity to do something different in response to feedback at boat shows,” says Bruce Scott, Director at the Whitehaven Group.

“There are two elements to this new model – firstly the ability to travel faster with its semi-displacement (planing) hull, which will appeal to a new generation of cruising families, and also a more contemporary look, breathing new life into the Coastal Express model.”

As Scott explains, “More and more boats are adopting the forward-facing windscreen, which reduces glare and enhances visibility. We’ve taken the CE range to a new level which we hope will appeal to people who are looking for something traditional with a modern twist.

“All the current models are still available, complemented now by the new CE Plus range.”


The new 470 CE retains the trademark look and single-engine efficiency of most Integrity models, as well as incorporating an all-new planing hull to deliver an economical increased cruise speed of 16 knots and a full speed of 20 to 24 knots, depending on engine specifications.

The hull was designed by renowned New Zealand naval architect Bill Upfold from Elite Marine Design, and incorporates his signature silent chine that almost completely eliminates hull slap at rest – something that can be particularly annoying at night.

The original concept for a modernised 470 CE was borne of a deep respect for the traditional lifestyle of trawler boating, with the aim of bringing modern technology and functionality to the product, to enhance the experience for many generations of Integrity owners.

The saloon of 470 CE is wrapped in over 18 square metres of tinted, toughened glass. All mullions are forward-raked, to integrate with the slanted, contemporary architecture. To achieve a simple, clean look and to maximise the glazed surface area, Integrity designers collaborated with industry leaders in marine glass technology, Seamac in NZ. The result is a modern and elegant design, which is lightweight, robust and easy to use.

The helm door solution is a unique design and by far the largest in its class; a modern solution to the Integrity tradition of easy side deck access. The door boasts 2.2 square metres of glass, is 1.3 metres wide, with full walk-through headroom and a sill to the side decks.

Fully sealed from the elements and lockable, this oversized and fully glazed door glides easily with just a fingertip touch, yet locks securely in several positions. The parallelogram shape offers unparalleled views to the ocean and access to side decks.

Technical advances with Seamac continued during the development of the opening saloon windows, utilising flush glass mounted to lightweight aluminium, all cut by CNC machines in New Zealand. Custom latches and hardware were created to suit the unique shape. All three main panels glide open to reveal another 2-square-metres of sea breeze in both seating and galley areas.

Extensive testing and development have resulted in a frameless glass solution, recessed seamlessly into the modern and minimalist superstructure.

The revised anchor geometry and hidden stainless bow roller offer a compact and integrated solution. In all areas this new design maintains or improves the functionality that has been enjoyed by Integrity owners for many years.

“Inside, it’s still 100 percent Integrity, but with a contemporary feel,” says Scott.

“It’s the first Integrity with a midships guest cabin beneath the saloon, with twin beds that slide together to form a comfortable double bed.

“It’s a two-cabin, two-bathroom boat, which works brilliantly for a multi-generational boating lifestyle.”

The Integrity 470 CE Plus will be on show at SCIBS 2023, alongside the latest Integrity 380 SX.



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