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One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, AMEL Yachts has launched the digital AMEL Private Tour.

10 May 2021


French yacht builder AMEL Yachts has earlier this month introduced its new digital tour package for prospective clients.

Named AMEL Private Tours, the initiative builds on last year’s ‘Private Days’ – private shows at AMEL’s La Rochelle shipyard held between September and October – and offers a dense, interactive package of both AMEL’s facilities and models.

“With video appointments, anyone, wherever they are in the world, can be guided on a tour of the workshops, or an AMEL 50 or 60, and have answers live and in images,” said AMEL Yachts’ Communications Director Stéphanie Rullier.

This pivot to online echoes the direction seen throughout the industry with online and personalised shipyard tours becoming more commonplace due to COVID-19 restrictions.

But according to a press release provided by AMEL Yachts, the brand has maintained an overall success throughout this pandemic period, experiencing a total of 15 days of production stoppage in March 2020 while maintaining the annual production target of 20 yachts.


“Containment and travel restrictions put in place around the world have created a real need for escape, nature and freedom,” said AMEL La Rochelle Sales Director Antoine Rioton.

“In such uncertain situations, the yachting world is seen as a haven and the yachting market is doing well. And indeed, we are seeing an increase among our clients of long-distance sailing projects, especially with families.

“The AMEL yachts being particularly well suited for this type of program, we are undoubtedly benefiting from this positive effect of the crisis.”

According to the same press release, the shipyard has seen an increase in the interest of its sailboats as well as increased traffic to its website and social media platforms. In addition, the French manufacturer has seen, since 2019, 90 percent of its new customers be based outside France.

“The ‘family’ dimension and team spirit which characterise our work site are a real strength, which takes its full measure during periods of crisis such as the one that began in 2020,” said Chantier AMEL General Manager Emmanuel Poujeade.

“There are difficulties, of course, but we overcome them ‘together’. This dynamic, paradoxically driven by a health crisis, holds great promise for the future.”

To learn more about the AMEL Private Tour, click here.



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