In like Flynt

Handcrafted and heroically fast, the Flynt 956 from Dutch brand Flynt Yachts promises supercar style on the water.

22 June 2023


Sometimes it’s the second glance you give something that really informs about what you’re looking at, and it only takes a second glance and the supercar-esque rear-end grills of the 9.56-metre Flynt 956 to see that what you’re looking at is likely a lot of fun in beautifully put-together package.

Featuring design and styling by renowned (and forward-thinking) Dutch naval architecture studio Vripack, the Flynt 956 hails from Dutch yard Flynt Yachts. Robert-Jan Sanders, Flynt Yachts founder, had the vision to develop a concept that fuses passion and performance to give owners, as Flynt describes it, the ride of their lives.

Handcrafted in the Netherlands alongside her smaller Flynt 756 sister, and leveraging Vripack’s keen eye and design intuition, the 956 is the epitome of ergonomic Iuxury, with balanced yet powerful lines that have a tangible magnetism.

“The Flynt 956’s swirling form and attention to detail stand the boat apart for its zero-compromise design, both in terms of visual appearance and sailing performance,” says Vripack designer Joost Mertens. “For a 10-metre powerboat, its functional layout with wind protected seating, high finish levels and top speeds are unparalleled.”


The 956 concept considers the owner experience above all else, a theme that is reflected in its two custom, adjustable sports seats and spacious cockpit with edge-to-edge seating.

The freestanding. wood-lined panoramic windshield affords clear visibility and protection from the wind when at speed, while the leather-lined, digital dashboard and leather sports steering wheel adds the finishing touch.

Born out of a desire to recreate the boyhood wonder of being out on the water, the 956 features a deep-V planing hull that tears across water, powered by a dual engine setup to deliver unrivalled performance at a top speed of 52 knots.

The refined hull lines are optimised for safely cruising at top speed, making it a true bullet on the water. At the same time, the well-balanced hull offers excellent manoeuvrability at lower speeds for elegant sailing in ports and for easy docking.

“At Flynt, we build boats that carry emotion,” says Robert-Jan Sanders. “We combine power with flair wrapped up in an elegant design.

“Flynt offers what most powerboats can’t – a superyacht-quality ride of your life.”

The luxurious interior, including a comfortable double bed for overnight weekend cruising, enjoys a bespoke finish using oak, leather and stainless steel, while the sleek extendable sun deck allows the boat to blend in with its natural surroundings and guests to kick back in the sun.

Defined by endless exterior lines and a seductively svelte profile, the 956 offers the complete boating experience.

Only five models of the 956 will be built per year, with the choice of engine, interior joinery and the signature automotive-inspired metal grills all customisable to make the range – fully designed and underpinned by Vripack – a true limited edition.



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