Iconic refit

The Yard Brisbane welcomes the iconic 64.85-metre S/Y Adix.

11 September 2019


The Yard Brisbane (TYB), will welcome 64.85-metre S/Y Adix for a four-month refit and Lloyds survey period in September 2019.

Adix is a truly iconic yacht and we are delighted to have her visit us,” says Mark Phelps, International Development Manager at TYB.

Built in Spain in 1984, Adix is a distinctive classic three-masted schooner re-designed by Dykstra Naval Architects and will be cruising around the South Pacific in the run up to the America’s Cup in Auckland in 2021. The yacht has a long term refit relationship with British yard Pendennis, but her soujourn to the South Pacific had the team seeking a regional refit provider who could deliver the same quality service that Adix has always enjoyed.

Thanks to the impressive infrastructure and can-do attitude on offer, TYB proved the ideal solution for Adix’s long-term captain Paul Goss. “We chose The Yard Brisbane as we needed a facility that could provide us with both superyacht expertise and the space and freedom to conduct our work,” says Goss, who stresses the importance of the role of Adix’s crew in refit projects to ensure a successful result. “Some yards don’t like the crew to come to the yard, but TYB welcomed our involvement and that was very important to us.”


Phelps, himself a former captain, believes TYB’s service and capability for servicing a wide range of vessels is an important offering for any vessel visiting the South Pacific region.

“Having first visited The Yard Brisbane as a client, I immediately recognised the considerable infrastructure typically associated with top European shipyards,” he says.

TYB’s facilities include two huge high clearance refit halls of 90-metres and 70-metres, further 50-metre halls, large lift capacity and over 250 craftspeople on site. The skills within TYB are built on generations of marine industry experience, embracing everything from traditional ship building techniques to composite infusion and engineering, steel and aluminium fabrication and modern MRI propeller analysis.

“If a vessel needs any level of work The Yard’s superyacht capability is world class,” Phelps continues.

These capabilities were, indeed, a key component of the appeal for Adix. “An important consideration for us is the area that can be allocated to a project, as Adix occupies a lot of space when you lay the three rigs on the ground – the sum of Adix’s spars laid end to end is over 220-metres – so The Yard Brisbane’s spacious facilities, particularly their refit sheds, were excellent in that respect,” says Goss.


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