THE ICON is born

THE ICON is the first emission-free yacht from TYDE, the clean-tech start-up from Torqeedo founder Christoph Ballin and tech entrepreneur Tobias Hoffritz.

26 April 2023


The first product in the clean-tech partnership between Christoph Ballin and Tobias Hoffritz, THE ICON, was developed under strict secrecy in collaboration with BMW. The innovative yacht will be presented at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

With THE ICON, automotive manufacturer BMW and TYDE present a new vehicle for emission-free mobility on the water. This novel concept sees BMW utilising existing technologies and knowledge to create an integrated solution offering sustainable premium mobility – with a future-focused design and locally emission-free drive system.

With the launch of THE ICON, the many years’ experience of the BMW i brand in electric mobility are combined with the proven expertise of yacht manufacturer TYDE.

TYDE co-founder Christoph Ballin is well known in the maritime industry: As founder and long-time CEO of the electric mobility market leader Torqeedo, he has played a crucial role in establishing electric mobility on the water.


His partner in the founding and management of TYDE, Tobias Hoffritz, is a longstanding partner of BMW for technology and innovation projects. The company is based on Lake Starnberg near Munich, Germany.

From TYDE’s perspective, the luxury market is important for the decarbonisation of marine mobility. Commenting on the significance of TYDE’s target segment, Christoph Ballin said:

“The luxury market is an important point of reference for other yachting segments. In addition, complex and elaborate solutions can be applied here first, before electric mobility becomes mainstream with large volumes in the coming years.

“Currently, there are already a few approaches to marrying luxury and sustainability on the water. THE ICON, however, goes one step further.

“In addition to climate-friendly propulsion, THE ICON presents a wealth of pioneering innovations that are suitable for establishing sustainable mobility in the high-end segment and create a new quality of experience.”

Valuable time on the water, in line with your values and with responsibility for future generations – TYDE wants to offer this contemporary luxury and will present what this should look like when THE ICON is launched at the Cannes International Film Festival.

The world premiere is scheduled for 17 May. THE ICON will be presented and demonstrated by BMW and TYDE at the Vieux Port throughout the duration of the festival (17 to 27 May).



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