Hybrid supercar

Aston Martin has introduced the Valhalla, an upcoming hybrid supercar that excels on both track and road.

23 July 2021


Aston Martin has announced its upcoming concept, Valhalla – a driver-focused, mid-engined supercar that embodies a step forward for the company.

Led by Aston Martin’s CEO Tobias Moers, Valhalla is the latest and most significant product of the brand’s Project Horizon strategy to date, achieving the standards in Formula One for performance and drive while demonstrating the brand’s commitment to mid-engined, driver-focused cars.

With a 950 bhp gasoline/battery-electric powertrain, new carbon-fibre structure and aerodynamics, the Valhalla offers the performance expected in a hypercar. At the heart of Valhalla is its all-new PHEV powertrain.

Featuring three motors, the hybrid model includes a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo bespoke V8 engine, a 150 kW/400 V battery hybrid system – utilising a pair of E-Motors that contribute a further 204 PS for a headline combined power output of 950 PS – and an 8-speed DCT transmission.

Running in EV-only mode, Valhalla is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 130 kilometres per hour as well as a zero-emission range of 15 kilometres. When unleashing its 950 PS, the model can reach 350 kilometres per hour, completing the sprint from 0 to just under 100 kilometres per hour in just 2.5 seconds.


Aston Martin has stated the model has been built around a new carbon fibre tub for maximum stiffness, providing a minimum weight penalty in terms of its structure. With a design maximising on-road performance with stiffer suspension, adjustable road height, Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes and exceptional stoppage power, Valhalla ensures driver enjoyment, confidence and a sense of complete control.

“When we created the Valhalla concept, we were keen to emphasise the design legacy of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. That intent remains unchanged  but the execution has evolved considerably,” said Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

“Valhalla is now a more mature, fully resolved piece of design. One that combines the pure aerodynamic function you would expect from a marque competing in Formula One, together with the beautiful form, striking proportions and exemplary detailing for which Aston Martin is renowned.”



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