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The Foiler, from Enata Marine, will have a permanent berth at the Yacht Club de Monaco and Saint Tropez from mid-July 2018 before the two boat shows.

21 June 2018


The Foiler, from Enata Marine, will have a permanent berth at the Yacht Club de Monaco and in Saint Tropez – this summer, from mid July 2018 where it will be available for sea trials.

Delivering a smooth and exhilarating ride for passengers, Foiler offers a comfortable high-performance driving  experience for  whoever  is at  the  helm. Its retractable carbon fibre hydrofoils deliver strength, rigidity and lightness, allowing the yacht to fly 1.5 metres above the water for the most exciting and relaxing yachting experience.

Foiler starts to foil at 12 knots and is completely out of the water at 17 knots with a maximum speed of 40 knots in flight mode. It is also incredibly easy to use and drive, just like a sports car: you just press a button for the foils to deploy and you can be on your way.

Handling waves up to 2.5-metre to 3-metre in foiling mode, while still providing complete comfort for up to 8 people, the Foiler can retract the foils and be used as a classical boat in more extreme conditions.

The hull of the Foiler has also a very elaborate design to provide very smooth take-off and landing phases, even in the waves.


The Foiler brings different advantages such as comfort and safety – thanks to the hydrofoils the yacht is above the ocean and not affected by the waves, completely steady even in bad weather. Since its not jumping around, it’s a lot safer than a regular yacht. It’s also a lot easier to drive and the steering is extremely directional without and lag.

The Foiler really brings a lot of advantages also when it comes to the environment. The first one is the fuel consumption. Due to it being lifted in the air, there is much less drag, thus a lot less fuel needs to be used to move the Foiler. On top of that, it uses a hybrid propulsion system. Two diesel engines power a large battery, that then feeds the electric torpedoes (propellers).

All of this combined makes the Foiler about 20% to 50% more fuel efficient than other yachts.

You can even go completely silent in full electric mode at 10 knots for up to 10 minutes, and get a larger range at lower speeds.

Another great advantage is the elimination of the wake behind the Foiler. Due to it not moving as much water, it barely produces a wake. This means it doesn’t bother anyone around it, and has way less impact on the environment.

Finally, due to the hybrid system and it being above the water, it generates very little noise. Very low engine noise and no noise from the waves hitting the hull.


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