Happy returns

Hyatt Hotel Canberra celebrates its centenary.

11 March 2024


In the heart of Australia’s political theatre, nestled amidst the orchestrated chaos of Canberra, stands a sentinel of history and luxury: the Hyatt Hotel Canberra – A Park Hyatt Hotel.

This establishment, once humbly known as Hostel Number 1 back in 1924, has ascended to become the epitome of grandeur in the nation’s narrative. Over the course of a century, it has been the silent witness to the pulsating lifeblood of Australia’s elite – from rock gods to regal figures, from commanders-in-chief to the craftspeople of policy.

Crafted from the architectural visions of John Murdoch Smith, with a nod to the grandeur of Beaux-Arts, the organic harmony of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the visionary landscape design of Walt Burley Griffin, this grand dame threw open its doors as a humble government hostel on 10 December, 1924.

Its initial purpose was straightforward yet noble: to offer dignified lodging to the early architects of the Australian Federation and visitors to the burgeoning capital until the Parliament House was ready to take on its role in 1927.


Within the storied walls of the Hotel Canberra, the very fabric of the nation has been woven. The hushed corners of its lobby have been the stage for political machinations, its bar the backdrop for economic epochs to unfold, and its corridors the lanes where political destinies collided.

The hotel’s journey mirrors the tumultuous and triumphant chapters of Australian history, from the exuberance of the 1920s, through the trials of the Great Depression, into the post-war rebirth of the 50s and 60s, and surviving a brief interlude in the 70s when it served as office space, rather than a place of opulent repose.

Reborn under the Park Hyatt mantle in 1988, it became a pioneer among the world’s luxury lodgings, setting a standard that has since seen the Park Hyatt brand become synonymous with understated elegance and bespoke experiences in over 40 coveted locations globally.

Today, the Hyatt Hotel Canberra stands as a bastion of timeless allure, its architecture, expansive gardens, and majestic suites a living homage to an era when craftsmanship and elegance were paramount. Adam Myott, the General Manager, articulates the deep connection that both Canberrans and visitors from afar feel towards this iconic establishment.

It’s a place where personal and collective histories intertwine, where memories of milestones – be they graduations, celebrations, or nuptials – are etched into its very essence.

The hotel today is not just a landmark but a sanctuary where the grandiosity of yesteryear is not just remembered but relived. In its centenary year, the hotel is poised to drape itself in the opulence of the Roaring Twenties once more, with plans for a gala that promises to resurrect the era’s exuberant spirit – complete with champagne towers, caviar, live jazz, and a parade of flapper girls, all set against the backdrop of a guest list sparkling with luminaries.

Adam Myott’s vision is to blend the rich tapestry of the hotel’s past with a dash of mystery and anticipation for the future. Amidst this celebration of heritage, the hotel has also introduced a bespoke Canberra Earl Grey tea, a nod to tradition served with a modern twist, emblematic of the hotel’s journey.

For those yearning to partake in this legacy, the hotel offers an exclusive experience in its Diplomatic Suites, each named in honour of an Australian Prime Minister, ensuring that guests can immerse themselves in a living history, complemented by the finest of hospitalities.

And as the Hyatt Hotel Canberra sails towards the future, a new digital haven is being crafted to curate and share the tales of yesteryear, today, and the days to come, ensuring that the legacy of this venerable institution continues to inspire generations.



Modernity, style, character and comfort.  An unparalleled experience of timeless elegance with a modern twist. ​

​This luxury precinct in the heart of Canberra offers prime access to the city’s key tourist icons and hidden gems. Adjacent to Lake Burley Griffin and Parliament House, walking distance from primary business and gastronomy sectors, you can engage and retreat from the action as you please. ​

​The hotel boasts 252 recently refurbished guest rooms and suites, generous living areas and work spaces whilst maintaining the signature marble bathrooms.

​The Hyatt Hotel Canberra offers both business and leisure guests the ideal base to enjoy the capital.



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