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New Espen Øino 65-metre Waterecho project to feature hydro-fuel cell technology.

10 October 2018


The VSY 65-metre Waterecho represents a collaboration between VSY, Siemens and Lloyd’s Register. The partnership sees the development of hydrogen fuel cells technology for VSY 65-metre project.

the new concept is in line with VSY continued efforts to invest in green technologies and innovative solutions, and sees the introduction of new equipment and solutions onboard for the concept superyacht.

Featuring an exterior design from Espen Øino, together with an optional interior design from Italian designers Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects, the new 65-metre project aims to raise awareness for conscious, luxury yacht building.

Waterecho is able to accommodate up to twelve guests in six cabins, and the owner’s cabin, located forward of the main deck, offers ceiling heights of up to 4 metres. Making the best use of the wider surface available, thanks to the mezzanine that grants access to a private foredeck, the spacious internal volume of the concept is evident throughout her interior design. The main saloon, 13 metres in length, offers 100 square metres of space and features panoramic views through the aft and flanks.


The addition of two pools underlines the sense of luxury and comfort, with the larger pool located on the main deck and the second one adjoining the gym on the sun deck. The main garage, which can house both a large limo tender and a rescue tender, has lateral shell doors on both flanks of the hull forepart, which creates space on the low deck for a second aft hangar.

The project reflects the yacht’s owners interest in cleaner technologies and fuel-efficient crafts.

VSY are known for their vision of sustainability for the wider practice of yacht building. They have always invested in onboard technologies for water treatment, exhaust emission reduction, “green anchoring” systems and other energy saving applications.

The shipyard is not only encouraging the evolution of ecologically sound construction of larger yachts, but also promoting relationships with international committees and companies to stimulate the increase of environmental stability and clean technologies.

Siemens is very sensitive to the development of environmentally friendly and profitable solutions for the marine and shipbuilding sector. These are vital to meet strict environmental requirements while still running ships economically. That is why Siemens answers with an integrated energy and propulsion system, specifically designed for marine and ship industry, such as SISHIP BlueDrive. The SISHIP BlueDrive Family offers customised scalable uniform-topology of energy and drive solutions, also for smaller applications such as yachts.

This solution enables an easy integration of battery systems (such as Siemens’ own produced BlueVaultTM) and has been recently consolidated through a partnership with the Swedish producer of fuel cell modules, PowerCell Sweden AB, in order to drive forward the integration of fuel cell modules in shipping and to develop an energy supply system for vessels which is based on fuel cells.

The main purpose of the project is to assess the specific safety and technical requirement for feeding the stern electric engine (used for manoeuvring or as auxiliary propulsion – standard in all VSY yachts) in a completely green and sustainable mode.


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