Greek idyll

The Myconian Collection adds DEOS to its portfolio.

01 April 2024


Perched majestically above the pulsating heart of Mykonos town sits the latest hotel from the Myconian Collection, DEOS, offering a vista that stretches from the iconic windmills to the horizon, where the Aegean Sea kisses the sky.

The hotel’s design, a masterpiece by the esteemed GM Architects, serves as a tribute to the identity and culture of Mykonos, marrying the traditional with the transformative.

Just steps away from the exuberant street life of Chora, DEOS is both a secluded retreat and a gateway to the island’s soul.

At the core of DEOS lies the Daktylides family’s deep-rooted legacy in hospitality, dating back to 1979. This new addition to their illustrious portfolio is not just another luxury hotel – it is a testament to their passion for authenticity, offering a unique environment that captures the essence of Mykonian elegance.

DEOS is an architectural marvel where the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors blur, creating spaces that flow seamlessly into one another.


The design ethos is deeply ingrained in the Cycladic landscape, with structures that celebrate local craftsmanship, natural materials and the serene beauty of the island.

Guests are invited to dwell in spaces that feel like private havens, with terraces offering breathtaking views, and rooms adorned with the finest artisanal touches.

The wellness offerings at DEOS are nothing short of a sanctuary, featuring a fully equipped gym, a spa that promises serene indulgence, and treatments that draw upon the island’s botanical wealth.

The culinary journey at DEOS is an homage to Greek tradition, with dishes that celebrate the richness of local ingredients against the backdrop of the Aegean.

DEOS is not just a place to stay, it’s an invitation to immerse in the luxury of simplicity, the warmth of hospitality, and the enduring charm of Mykonos.

As the newest star in the Myconian Collection’s constellation of luxury properties, DEOS stands as a symbol of exclusive elegance and an enduring commitment to offering guests an unmatched experience on this legendary island.

For more on the Myconian Collection’s promise of unparalleled luxury across its distinctive properties, each a testament to the vibrant essence of Mykonos, visit their website. This collection, steeped in the heritage of a family’s dream, continues to redefine luxury in the heart of the Aegean.




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