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Picchiotti has released the first renderings of its new line of Gentleman's Yachts designed to celebrate the golden age of yachting, according to The Italian Sea Group founder and CEO Giovanni Costantino.

19 July 2023


Part of The Italian Sea Group, Picchiotti first introduced the new Gentleman’s Yachts line in July 2022 and the first hull in the series, a 24-metre, is under construction and due for delivery in 2024.

The new yacht line has been penned by Luca Dini Design & Architecture, with consultancy services of Kurt Lehmann of Yacht Moments. The series is tailored towards “owners who want to stand out but are also well acquainted with tradition and the concept of gentleman’s yachts,” according to Dini.

According to the shipyard, the project was born from the ambition to create a product inspired by the silhouette of the American yachts of the 60s, interpreting timeless classic lines with exclusivity and elegance, and featuring innovative engineering solutions as well as unique and distinctive design.

Luca Dini’s stylistic research met the vision of Giovanni Costantino, Founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group, holding company of the Picchiotti brand.


“This new line, clearly inspired by the golden age of post-war yachting, both in terms of layout and materials, immediately conquered me because it recalls the historical models such as the Giglio Series or the Mistral Series by Picchiotti, enhancing their design values and the culture of the sea,” stated Dini.

“I’m very proud to give a new voice to a brand that represents the heritage of the entire nautical industry – one of the oldest shipyards in the world. “We’ve chosen to develop an entire fleet, ranging from 24 to 55 metres in length to satisfy a wide segment of the market.

“It’s a project in strong counter-trend, dedicated to those owners who want to stand out but are also well acquainted with the tradition and concept of gentleman yachts.”

In line with TISG’s strategy, more and more sustainability-oriented, the hull and the superstructure of the Picchiotti fleet will be produced entirely in aluminium, with extremely elegant lines and finishes: from the glossy mahogany details on the flanks to the polished plating of the bow and on the sides of the stern.

Confirming its green approach, TISG has worked on the hull’s lines efficiency to optimise the sailing comfort, autonomy and consumption, with hybrid propulsion or fully electric engines. On the main deck, a side corridor allows you to move from stern to bow, a convenient solution that, together with the sophisticated mahogany finishes, helps recreate the atmosphere of the most renowned yachts of the time.

The Gentleman’s Yacht will be available in 24-, 33-, 44- and 55-metre versions. The layout will vary depending on the size of the model – the 24-metre will have between three and four cabins, the 33 and 44 will have five, and the 55 will have six.

The 24-metre model is the only model in the line that will be available in two slightly modified formats – the traditional enclosed stern with unfolding sea terraces and the option of an open aft, which provides a more modern beach club feel.

The beach club, among the largest on yachts of similar size, opens directly on the sun deck via a large sliding glass door. It is also equipped with a tender that represents its exact miniature and is characterised by the same lines and finishes.

The classically inspired line has been remodelled making it less angular, more modern and elegant.

The superstructure highlights the excellent use of polished mahogany in contrast with the colours of the superstructure, all embellished by the chrome plating of various steel details on the exterior.

“The choice of the blue hull with red beauty line is a historical reference, a stylistic feature that we still remember today – such as that of the motor yacht TM – Blue One – and which, like a tailored suit, perfectly fits the hull of the boat.”

The yachts are characterised by the possibility of walking along the entire main deck from bow to stern through wide side walkways.

There are already 15 units scheduled for production.

Picchiotti can trace its shipbuilding origins to 1575 when Picchiotti family name appears for the first time in the ducal archives as dedicated to shipbuilding in Limite sull’Arno.

Over the decades, Picchiotti has produced work boats, ocean-going sailing ships and military vessels.

The brand is credited with building the first leisure yacht crafted in Italy, the motor yacht L’Espresso, launched in 1902.

In 1905, it followed that with the gentleman’s yacht Espero, while building smaller projects such as the Liu’, the famous little lake boat of the Maestro Giacomo Puccini.

In 2010, the Picchiotti brand was revamped and leaped into the contemporary age with the construction of three yachts of the Vitruvius Explorer series: the 50-metre Falco Moscata, formerly Exuma; Galileo G, 55-metres, and the 73-metre Nautilus, formerly Grace E.

In December 2021, The Italian Sea Group completes the acquisition of the Perini Navi brand and assets among which the Picchiotti brand.



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