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Azimut|Benetti leads the 2021 Global Order Book as the top builder of yachts over 24 metres in the annual ranking.

22 December 2021


Once again, Azimut|Benetti topped the annual Boat International Global Order Book rankings in vessels above 24 metres, thanks to a winning strategy that offers diversified models, innovative design, and cutting-edge solutions to reduce consumption and emissions.

With a record number of 128 projects totalling 4,601 metres in length, Azimut|Benetti Group leads the field for the 22nd year in the Global Order Book, the annual ranking of the world’s top producers of yachts drawn up by highly reputed yachting magazine Boat International.

Azimut|Benetti ranked first out of 186 shipyards on five continents, accounting for 12.5 percent of the total projects, which is a significant percentage in such a fragmented market.

This confirms the highlights presented by the Group, which reports an order book today totalling 1.5 billion euros and value of production for the current season forecast to exceed one billion euros, a 20 percent rise on the previous year (2020/2021).


Azimut|Benetti’s leadership, goes back a long way: according to the ranking, the Group has been the world’s number one yacht builder for a remarkable 22 years.

“Our Group owes its long-standing leadership to the ability to build highly innovative yachts that are greatly appreciated by the market and cover the typically Italian size range of up to 50-metres,” said Azimut|Benetti Vice President Giovanna Vitelli.

“But this important segment is also joined by numerous larger steel and aluminium superyacht projects, traditionally the preserve of northern European shipyards. We are the leading player today and have been for over 20 years because we are the only Group in the world to cover both these size ranges with models of undisputed success, a client-centric approach and high build quality.”

The Group’s strategy is therefore based on the following key factors: a highly diversified range of models, unfailingly innovative design with state-of-the-art solutions, and the gaining of know-how that puts Azimut|Benetti in a privileged position on today’s market.

“Our success stems from close alignment between the vision and new product development insights of the entrepreneur on the one hand, and the absolute professionalism of the management team on the other, establishing an understanding that makes us a very reliable company.”

“In this way, we have successfully maintained our leadership in both good times for the market as well as in more difficult ones,” said Ms Vitelli.

This well-established structure and approach ensure that the company is focused on its corporate mission, in which product innovation is the main driving force. In the last 15 years the Group has focused on issues around protecting the sea, working profitably to find solutions that reduce environmental impact in both the short and long term.

The most recent examples are the 108-metre Giga Yacht Luminosity, the world’s largest hybrid yacht, which has a range of over ten nautical miles in fully electric mode, and the steel superyacht B.Yond 37M, which is fitted with the E-MODE HYBRID system.

Developed on an exclusive basis with Siemens Energy, the propulsion system of B.Yond 37M significantly reduces emissions (up to 70 percent NOx and up to 20 percent CO2), not least by using urea-based Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) filters on the main engines, like those installed in cars.

When she is launched in the first half of 2022, she will be the greenest yacht in her segment. The shipyard is now ready to transfer the solutions introduced on the Giga yachts to smaller units as well.

“For us, efficiency and reducing fuel consumption are not just slogans for the future, but milestones we are achieving in the present, by investing in research and infrastructure to reduce the consumption of our yachts by 30 percent and significantly cut emissions.

“This is a tangible result achieved through the extensive use of carbon fibre – a material with production processes that we have internalised for use in yacht building – and investing in the optimisation of hulls and propulsion systems,” added Ms Vitelli.

To back this up, the Group has confirmed a three-year R&D investment plan worth 100 million euros.



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