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Mo-jet ramps up its modular surf-jet-dive scooter and e-foiler.

06 May 2022


Claiming to be the world’s first modular electric-powered surf toy that can transform from jet surfer to jet bodyboard to e-foiler to scooter diver, Mo-jet has secured three new shareholders as part of a capital increase.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for funding.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the mo-jet boasts speeds of up to 65 kilometres per hour and offers versatile fun on the water.

Owners can choose from a variety of nose modules that combine with the same jet motor to give five different boards in one: a jetboard, a bodyboard, a diving jet, an inflatable jetboard and a rescue board.

Mo-jet packs all its performance into a compact drive system that’s one of the most powerful in its industry. Its 11-kilowatt jet motor can provide an impressive 116 kilograms of thrust. You can also pull others along on a banana boat, wakeboard or inner tube.

Attaching one of the five available nose modules to the jet is a quick and easy process that gives you maximum flexibility at all times.


In addition, mo-jet’s swappable batteries mean you’ll always have enough juice for the next ride.

Transporting the modules is easy as each weighs no more than 17 kilograms. Their dimensions have also been designed to take up minimal space and fit into the smallest luggage compartments.

“With mo-jet, we are creating the most varied and, at the same time, most high-performance water sports experience at an unbeatable price,” says founder Benjamin Köhnsen.

“It has never been so easy and so tempting to dive into the world of water vehicle playthings.”

The mo-jet is the rear section and the heart of the modular concept. The drive and the entire technology are housed in this 90-centimetre power unit. With 116 kg static thrust, it brings the various modules with breathtaking acceleration to high speed.

The mo-jet Body is designed to be ridden lying flat or on your knees. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Body is extremely agile and manoeuvrable.

The mo-jet surfboard uses the 116-kilogram static thrust in combination with the shape, which gives enough grip even in very tight corners.

Whether you’re gliding slowly past a coral reef or having a race with friends, your diving jet will help you discover new worlds. To change your depth, all you have to do is shift your weight. Back on the surface, the diving jet will also send you sailing across the water to the next reef.

The mo-jet inflatable can be used in a variety of ways. This module offers plenty of buoyancy and stability on the water, making it ideal for beginners and it’s as light as air to carry.

Designed specifically for rescues at sea, the mo-jet rescue board features a long, high-volume body and 11 handles that make it possible to assist several people at once. The board itself can be ridden by up to three rescue personnel, including in very shallow waters.

The battery can charge up to 95 per cent in 45 minutes and is designed to cool as users are riding the board, which also helps to extend the battery’s life.

To make it easier to carry about, the battery is also split into two sections of the board, to give a more even weight distribution.



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