GCCM expands

Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard completes construction of expansive undercover hardstand areas with additional blasting and painting facilities.

30 July 2020


With the existing refit sheds operating at capacity, the owners of Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM) saw the need to invest in increased undercover works spaces, providing improved flexibility to meet the ever-increasing and diverse size requirements of visiting vessels.

The sprawling new construction is the latest addition in the ongoing development of the shipyard, now celebrating its twentieth year in operation.

The open-plan structure caters for a multitude of vessels up to 100 feet with an 18-metre clearance to complete all-weather works, with an increased height capacity. Additionally, the building includes an autonomous blast and painting bay, which can also be used for specialised refit work when required.

“We have expanses of open hardstand as well as 18 enclosed sheds for vessels from 5 metres up to 45 metres,” explained Kevin Altera, General Manager of Operations and Business Development.

“The new undercover work bays provide an option between those two, allowing for the flexibility of open hardstand while presenting the all-weather option of a shed. The blast bay also allows sensitive work to be completed without affecting those around,” added Altera.


After years of sponsoring and supporting the Australian game fishing community, it was no surprise to GCCM that the new undercover work bays have been very attractive to game fishing boats, whose towers often limit their options for all-weather work areas.

“We’ve been long-time participants and supporters of the game fishing community, including the Gold Coast Gamefishing Club, as both a business and as a family,” offered GCCM’s CEO Trenton Gay.

“We spend a lot of time with the boats and their captains listening to their feedback. It was loud and clear that they were looking for undercover hardstand space that would cover their towers and allow them to work in any weather so they can get back on the water faster.”

In more recent years, the Australian marine facility has invested significantly in larger lifting equipment, a new superyacht work basin, human capital and a new IT/CRM program, a crew gym/breakout area and three new multipurpose showrooms/workshops.

Plans for Stage 2 development, which will more than double the size and lifting capacity of GCCM, are also currently in design and approval.



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