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QT Hotels and Resorts have announced four new hotel packages.

11 March 2021


Luxury hotel brand, QT Hotels and Resorts have announced four new additions to their collection of indulgent and extravagant stay packages.

The decision is a welcomed announcement given the exhaustion of last year’s lockdown. And with international travel still off the cards, that relaxing holiday we’re all craving may just be in our backyard.

Every QT Hotel across both Australia and New Zealand will feature four themed packages: Rockstar, City Indulgence, The Lovers and Culinary Indulgence. Each experience coming with original features to magnify a city’s local charms.


The Rockstar package allows you to live that enviable lifestyle with a highly personalised treatment.

Guests are provided their favourite refreshments on arrival to assist in that indulgent relaxation. Sit back in a VIP Cabana at QT Gold Coast or sip away in a private space on the rooftop of QT Auckland. Every room also comes with polaroid cameras and recovery kits to make sure your night is unforgettable.


City Indulgence

With keys opening more than a hotel room door, the City Indulgence experience unlocks a city’s local secrets. Each package comes complete with a curated list of detailing native favourites, hidden watering holes and the most social media-friendly spots.

Discover craft beer crawls at QT Gold Coast, embark on a private tour of the National Museum with QT Canberra or try a latte from an alleyway café with QT Melbourne. 

The Lovers

QT Hotel and Resorts’ The Lovers package embodies that commitment QT has to big four-letter word. With this experience, couples will be adorned with a lover’s concierge, delivering random acts of love during their stay.

Cupid Guides will direct couples through their chosen city’s most romantic spots. Each amorous adventure coming with aphrodisiac-inspired inclusions such as hamper and pamper packs.

 Culinary Extravagance

The Culinary Extravagance is an experience designed to help you reclaim all the culinary joys missed during 2020. This stay comes with fully immersive inclusions such as whisky tastings at QT Gold Coast or personal wine butlers at QT Sydney, Falls Creek, Perth and Wellington.

Guests can discover unique dining experiences, such as a personalised palate creation designed in personal consultation with the chefs at QT Melbourne and Canberra or a secret off-the-menu dish at QT Auckland.


To book or find out more information, visit qthotels.com.



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