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Fliteboard Introduces FLITELab*, a range of assisted surf-foil boards.

31 January 2024


Electric hydrofoil company, Fliteboard has made its entrance to the Surf Foiling market with the introduction of FLITELab* – a new brand featuring an innovative range of assisted surf-foil boards poised to elevate the industry to new heights.

FLITELab* AMP is the first product range from FLITELAB* set to launch in 2024.  The range offers battery assistance within a discrete device enabling foilers to catch more waves.

Leveraging the advantage of motorised powered take-offs, it allows riders to access waves that were previously challenging to paddle into, similar to an efoil but without the drag and weight. The purpose behind FLITELab* AMP is to expand the range of conditions suitable for surf foiling and wind wing activities.

Features include the fact the discreet assistant device is designed to be minimally obtrusive, enabling foilers to catch more waves effortlessly; modular fly-safe batteries that can be taken on a plane; AMP Jet’s Integrated jet cartridge houses electronics, battery, motor and jet, which slides into the board so it can’t be seen externally; zero drag; and low-maintenance jet cartridge.


The inaugural FLITELab* AMP release has been over three years in the making and features an impressive line-up including the versatile AMP Board and the game-changing AMP Jet, all designed to provide foilers with unparalleled power and adaptability.

The AMP Boards, suitable for both powered and unpowered rides, are complemented by the groundbreaking AMP Jet. Ingeniously concealed within the AMP Board’s cavity, the AMP Jet is a self-contained and removable cartridge, delivering optimal power for prone foilers, wingers, and downwind enthusiasts, to get up and riding with ease regardless of the conditions.

Strategic placement of the AMP Jet ensures there’s no added drag, maintaining the board’s performance integrity throughout the entirety of the ride.

Chris Reynolds, project manager on FLITELab’s first release talks about the perfect solution to every foilers’ biggest challenge. “From the moment I started prone foiling I was amazed at the kind of waves I could ride; big, small, clean or messy it didn’t matter, the only problem was catching them in the first place.

“The agile and responsive boards I love to ride just weren’t up to the task of efficient paddling. The AMP system is our solution – the AMP Jet is integrated into the board and delivers the perfect amount of boost exactly when you need it and is safely out of the way when you don’t.”

Embedded in the board’s nose is the FLITELab* LAUNCH Pad which allows riders to activate the AMP Jet for a power boost, while remaining hands-free. The LAUNCH Pad enables riders to customise the power strength and timing of the boost, while an intelligent feature monitors rider position, automatically cutting power once upright or in the event of a fall.

Additionally, the LAUNCH Pad provides real-time session data through a vibrant display and the Flite App.

Looking ahead, the upcoming AMP Mast promises the same convenient power at your fingertips, but enables riders the ability to smoothly navigate through waves, power back out to the lineup, and catch the next wave all while standing.  FLITELab* AMP will be followed by a range of foil boards suited to various disciplines later in 2024.

FLITELab’s commitment to pushing boundaries will continue innovating the foil industry and identifying new ways to catch the impossible ride.



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