Fine and rare

St Hugo wines launch a new cellaring concierge in the Barossa Valley.

01 December 2020


To take the guesswork out of creating the perfect wine cellar, Australian fine wine brand St Hugo has launched the St Hugo Cellaring Concierge, a highly personalised new service offering guidance and expert advice for wine appreciators looking to take the next step in their wine collection.

Long regarded as a process reserved for sommeliers and oenophiles, cellaring wine can often seem like a daunting task. Tim Redman, St Hugo’s newly appointed Cellaring Concierge, will be leading the new service, to assist with all your wine cellaring needs and to provide budding wine connoisseurs with the confidence to build a collection suited to their tastes.

Exclusive access to the Cellaring Concierge will be granted to those who make a purchase from the St Hugo Fine and Rare Collection, the brand’s prestigious collection of back vintage wines. Following your first purchase, Tim will reach out to set up a private consultation to establish your wine preferences and answer any questions that you may have, followed by ongoing support via email as your wine collection begins to take shape.


“If you’ve ever wondered which wines were made for cellaring, what happens to wine during the ageing process, or how you can set up a cellar at home, I can help with that,” says Tim Redman, St Hugo’s Cellaring Concierge.

“Wine preferences are a very personal thing, so everyone’s ideal wine collection will be different.”

Redman says, “I hope to give people the confidence to select wines that they like and grow their collection with careful ageing.”

For those who want to dip their toe into the cellaring pool but aren’t quite ready to commit, St Hugo has something for you too. As part of the new service, St Hugo has launched a free Guide to Cellaring, covering frequently asked questions around cellaring and wine collecting, such as storage tips, a guide to decanting and ideas on how best to curate a personal collection.

For those looking to make an investment in their new or growing wine collection, St Hugo has created the Fine and Rare Experience, the ultimate luxury back vintage wine tasting experience, at the Home of St Hugo or via video conference, available exclusively for new and existing Wine Club members, priced at AUD $3,000.

Hosted by Chief Winemaker Peter Munro and Cellaring Concierge Tim Redman, guests will undertake a specialised wine tasting to determine their personal taste preferences when it comes to aged wines and styles, learning more about the ageing process, cellaring and St Hugo’s history in winemaking. Based on this consultation, a personalised cellaring plan will be created to ensure a collection is developed to suit their preferred tastes.

All guests of the Fine and Rare Experience will have the opportunity to take home a case of the St Hugo Fine and Rare Collection back vintage wines, as well as a case of current vintage wines, with the option to cellar these at The Home of St Hugo.

Following this, the Cellaring Concierge will provide quarterly reports on the conditions of the wine, advising ongoing cellaring potential and drinkability at each stage. For those wanting to cellar their own wines, the Cellaring Concierge will be on call with advice to ensure the wines age well in optimal conditions.



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